Man’s wedding proposal on bridge goes wrong when cyclist crashes into shot

A man's wedding proposal on a famous bridge has turned into an awkward blunder after a cyclist crashed into the romantic scene.

Chris Vigo, from Bronx, New York City, took his girlfriend Angelina Rivera to the historic Brooklyn Bridge landmark and was about to pop the question on the wooden promenade.

But the moment did not go as planned when his photographer friend Josh Rosario tried to get the couple a perfect picture with the Manhattan skyline.

Video that has gone viral on social media shows Chris, who dresses in a smart golden yellow suit, getting on one knee and holding Angelina's hand.

Cyclists are seen travelling from both directions in the background and when Josh gets into the biker lane to set for the better shot, an oncoming cyclist shouts at Josh to get out of the way.

But the groom-to-be walks into the cyclist's path and bumps into his bike.

The cyclist careers into the photographer and nearly faceplants into the couple but he signals to them that he is okay and drives off.

Chris turns his face and says: "It’s alright. That’s in the video, but we’re going to edit that."

He recalled the moment and told the New York Post: "We didn’t know what to say.

"In my mind, I’m like, 'Do I go over and help him, or do I stay and hold her hand?'

"At that point, we kissed, we hugged."

His photographer pal Josh told the site that he was unharmed and added: "I’ve lived in New York my whole life, I had never been to the Brooklyn Bridge.

"I didn’t know there was a special bike lane."

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