Meghan and Harry show ‘affection before duty’ in public

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Body language expert Judi James analysed the Cambridges’ appearances next to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and compared the couples’ non-verbal communication.

The body language expert claimed the Prince and Princess of Wales appeared more formal than ever this week “as they share some of Charles’s duties and responsibilities”.

The couple may adopt a more “formal style”, and that could mean “less spontaneous body language moments”.

The expert explained that in comparison, Harry and Meghan are much more natural and spontaneous with gestures like “Meghan’s hair-flicking”.

Judi commented that the “growing divide” between the body language of the two couples “seems mainly about William and Kate’s raised royal status”.

Meghan kept touching her hair during the official engagements which suggests “anxiety and stress” and it is something royals are not supposed to do in public. Kate, for instance, never plays with her hair, showing she is “calm and confident” during public appearances.

Judi commented the Princess of Wales “is seeming to grow in confidence and she appeared very keen to get on with the job in as professional way as possible as well as projecting warmth and affection for the waiting crowds”.

Harry and Meghan always walk hand-in-hand, “exchanging non-verbal messages and emotions via this and other rituals of constant touches”.

William and Kate, on the other hand, tend to confine their tie-sign signals “to touches on the back”.

It is rare to see royals showing public affection but the Princess of Wales sometimes uses subtle signals to communicate certain things to her husband.

Judi pointed out Kate performed one of these earlier this week “using one hand to gently urge William forward to speak to the crowd”.

“Otherwise they tend to walk with their arms at their sides with few if any touches. The arms hanging at their sides gives a look of confidence and strength, making them appear as the Firm’s power couple, with profiles as strong individuals as well as a couple,” Judi claimed.

The body language expert said the arms down gesture is “practical as well as part of their charisma” and similar to how Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip used to behave in public.

Judi explained: “Everyone knows their status as a close and successful couple and it is important they appear non-exclusive in terms of meeting and greeting hosts, guests and the public. Their body language makes them appear inclusive, with no need to break or split apart to offer social access.”

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry always hold hands in public, which is “a rather youthful signal of love with hints of some mutual dependency,” the body language expert claimed.

She suggested: “They look strongest as a couple and they signal love and affection before sociability and duty. It seems a shame to break them up, even for a moment.

“In close-up view, they add extra content to their hand-holding. Yesterday Meghan was rubbing her thumb against Harry’s hand in what looked like a message of support and comfort in a time of sadness.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be seen together once again on Monday, September 19, at the Queen’s funeral. 

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