Meghan attempts ‘to get Harry to relax’ – Duchess trying to show ‘fun and carefree Prince’

Meghan Markle opts for casual chic on first day of Invictus Games

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped out for day one of the Invictus Games in the Netherlands for the Land Rover Driving Challenge. The couple were photographed meeting with injured military veterans, as well as being driven around in minature Land Rover Jeeps by children. spoke to body language expert Judi James about the interactions between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were supposedly being filmed by a camera crew for their upcoming Netflix documentary. 

Judi said: “It looks as though Meghan has been putting in the extra effort to get Harry to relax and maybe show us the fun and carefree Prince we saw during their first public appearance as a couple at the Invictus back in 2017.

“Although Harry is clearly at the event he adores he has been looking a little emotional at times so far and Meghan seems to be keen to influence his body language mood by doing what is called ‘leading’ and ‘pacing’, i.e. setting the tone via her own active rituals.

“Meghan uses eye-glances and eye-gazing as well as touch to get Harry’s responses. 

“At one point their body language mood is completely different as they chat with a woman in white.

“Meghan is clapping her hands with excitement and smiling but Harry is looking more business-like, unsmiling and with his hands stuffed in his pockets, even shrugging at one point and folding his arms at another.” 

The expert continued: “We can see Meghan use a high hand clasp that seems to convert from enthusiasm and anticipation to anxiety as she begins to wring her hands. 

“She eye-checks Harry and he eventually leans across towards her to point something out to create a pose reminiscent of their poses in 2017. 

“Meghan signals approval for this attention by touching her hand against his chest.


“Meghan even seems to attempt a ‘mirror – pace – lead’ technique where you begin by copying someone’s body language before moving your own into a different state to encourage them to do the same. 

“There is a moment when Harry has his hands stuffed into his pockets that she appears to attempt the same pose before giving up. 

“There is one pose where she has folded her own arms to mirror Harry but wearing a wide smile to make the gesture look less like a barrier,” Judi added. 

“When Harry emerges from his Land Rover, again looking serious, Meghan rushes to throw her arms around his torso in a partial hug, leaning her torso against him before separating with a one-arm body barrier.

“When Harry becomes visibly upset watching the arrivals as he sits next to Meghan we can see him performing two rituals connected to tearfulness. 

“His head is turned in the first pose and his brows puckered and his lips sucked in. 

“In the second his head is lowered and his right hand clenches. 

“Meghan’s response is a touch and glance ritual,” she commented. 

“She places her hand over Harry’s in a nurturing gesture, waggling the hand a little to cheer him up. 

“She also gazes at his face and nods slightly to show him approval and support for the open emotional (non-royal) display,” Judi concluded. 

Meghan and Harry then stepped out at the Invictus Games opening ceremony. 

Both were invited up onto the stage to make a speech – Meghan first who then introduced Harry. 

Harry joined his wife and kissed her on the lips before taking over the microphone. 

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