Meghan Markle just had her own ‘revenge dress’ moment in Louis Vuitton

Is revenge: sweet, best served cold, or in the form of a bespoke Louis Vuitton dress created by Nicolas Ghesquiere?

We’d say the latter, as the Duchess of Sussex looked show-stopping at the Ripple of Hope award gala last night. She and the Duke of Sussex were awarded with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, awarded to “[people] who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to social change and worked to protect and advance equity, justice and human rights.”

She wore an off the shoulder dress that was reminiscent of a certain black dress worn by Princess Diana.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Ripple of Hope awards gala

The 41-year-old former actress proved she deserves to be commemorated, not criticised as she glowed in this opulent white ensemble. The Duke and Duchess recently dropped not one, but two trailers for their upcoming Netflix show Harry and Meghan, which has inevitably become the talking point of the entire world… literally.

But amidst all the drama and the unfair criticism, Meghan’s flawless sartorial allure hasn’t changed. She paired the pleated bardot gown with black Louis Vuitton court pumps, a Givenchy satin clutch she’s worn before and Princess Diana’s Aquamarine ring (according to Royal Fashion Instagram account Royal Fashion Police). A monochrome dream.

Meghan looked ultra radiant in bespoke Louis Vuitton

There’s something significant about the choice of this look that many of us are questioning (and won’t ever know the answer to)… was this a nod to her late mother-in-law’s iconic revenge dress that she wore amidst her own drama with the then Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles? 

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Her dress was reminiscent of Princess Diana’s ‘revenge dress’

Black off the shoulder dresses have become synonymous with that Diana moment, and Meghan’s dress sported a similar off the shoulder neckline, though Diana’s black number by Christaina Stambolian had more of a sweetheart shaping. It also had a similar silhouette, creating an hourglass shape, though the Duchess kept it more humble, with a slightly less fitted, slightly longer fit. Both women sported a small black clutch, dangling earrings and a beaming smile. The end result of finally feeling free?

Their latest trailer revealed the documentary will be released in two parts: Volume I on December 8 and Volume II on December 15. The anticipation is real.

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