Meghan Markle makes a very bold statement with her eye makeup in teaser for Oprah interview

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Meghan Markle’s beauty look has naturally evolved over the 10 years she’s spent in the spotlight, but since her marriage to Prince Harry back in 2018, she’s been opting for quite a demure make-up and hair look.

Favouring glowy skin, natural freckles and a wash of glossy pink on her lips, the former Suits actress, who recently announced she’s pregnant with her second child, usually gives off a very “British rose” look.

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But in a clip taken from her upcoming, and highly anticipated, interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan seems to have gone for a completely different look – and some fans are wondering if it’s a statement.

With what looks like false lashes or lash extensions, bold black eyeliner and visible contouring on the skin, the 39-year-old is giving off a very glam LA vibe – something we aren’t used to seeing.

But Twitter users are wondering if there’s more meaning to her make-up than just meets the eye, and some are even comparing her look to one Princess Diana wore to her own bombshell TV interview in 1995.

“I think it’s more she is copying Diana and is wearing heavy eyeliner just like Diana did when she was interviewed on TV,” said one Twitter user.

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While it might be a stretch, Princess Diana did indeed opt for lashings of black liner for that particular interview, in contrast to her usual more understated beauty look.

Though Meghan’s hair is up in a classic bun for this Oprah teaser, a couple of her other recent appearances have shown her with flowing and beachy lengths – also a big change from her usual glossy and perfectly-tamed mane.

Personally, we think Meghan is just settling into a more laid-back life in LA and her beauty look is reflective of her new environment.

Either way, she looks gorgeous and we can’t wait to see more of her make-up look on Sunday, when the full interview airs.

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