‘Men lust over me and beg me to go on dates – until they realise my age’

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An adult model says she has no shortage of men begging her for a date – only for them to shame her as a "cougar" when they learn her age.

In a video watched 8 million times, TikTok user @princessaprilxo tells her viewers: "Men like me until I tell them my age."

She bites her nails as if she is nervous and then laughs and claims the number is "44".

"Nobody wants a cougar," she writes in the caption with the sad face emoji.

The revelation about her age shocked many viewers with the majority refusing to believe it was true – after all she doesn't appear to have a single wrinkle.

One person commented: "I thought you were gonna be a young teen."

A second viewer told her: "Look very young for 44 if true."

"There's no way you are 44," insisted a third person.

Someone else wrote: "I'm 24 and people are going to be asking how I got such a young girl if you're mine haha."

"You gotta be kidding me right?" asked another disbeliever.

This comes after a former toyboy confessed he dated a "cougar" for just over a year but ultimately the 20-year age gap didn't work out and they split for a host of really awkward reasons.

Posting anonymously, the young man said his male mates thought it was cool but his sisters and similarly-aged female friends thought the relationship was disgusting.

He said he never got to meet his older lover's family because it was "too weird" her son was a year younger than he was.

Although he said he learned a lot from the relationship, he said his "cougar" was very hard to please in bed because she had so much experience and had "seen it all".

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