Mercury Is Actually Making Our Lives Easier For Once — Here’s How

Let the brain fog clear.

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s probably because the astrology of this week got off to a rocky start — mostly thanks to Monday’s frustrating Mars/Saturn square, which roadblocked our motivation to get things done. But I promise, things are cosmically looking up! While we may usually associate the planet Mercury with its frequent and highly-annoying Mercury retrograde periods, this week it’s actually here to save the day and help to kick our brains back into high gear. That’s because Mercury is linking up with Uranus and Jupiter to form two advantageous trine aspects, and this powerful cosmic combination will help to crystal-clarify our thinking and make all zodiac signs highly productive. Don’t sleep on Mercury’s moves this week, because it’s the second and last chance of the year to make the most of these particular trine aspects — so you’ll want to do it right.

Mercury Trines Uranus On August 25

Mercury is a planet that rules a lot in astrology: Communication, thinking, timing, scheduling, information, transportation, and even technology. And the first trine it’s forming this week is with Uranus, the eccentric planet of change and inspiration, on Tuesday, August 25. The meeting of these two intellectual planets has the potential to bring new and unexpected ideas, opportunities, and circumstances. So while Monday’s Mars/Saturn square stopped us dead in our tracks when it came to moving forward on goals, the Mercury/Uranus trine on Tuesday is sweeping in with a fresh breeze of inspiration and a much-needed change of mental scenery. This clarity in thinking will boost your spirits and help motivate you in new and more creative ways. Keep an ear open for game-changing news or information that could offer you an exciting opportunity or spark an interesting idea.

Mercury Trines Jupiter On August 29

The second (and highly mentally-energizing) Mercury trine of the week comes on Saturday, August 29, when Mercury connects with lucky planet Jupiter. This optimistic planetary meet-up is helping us to think big, expand our mental horizons, and maintain a positive attitude as we round out an astrologically hectic week. It is a fabulous time to re-focus your energy on an important project for work or school, or even start a brand new project, especially if it pertains to writing, speaking, problem-solving, or sharing information. It’s also a great time to brainstorm new ideas, as you’ll be naturally seeing things from a broader perspective than usual. Take advantage of this productive energy by setting some time aside to focus on projects or make some logistical plans for the future as the end of the week rolls around.

What This Cosmic Combo Means For You

Trines are inherently auspicious aspects in astrology, but Mercury’s lucky planetary mixers this week are made even more useful due to the fact that this planet is currently in the middle of a two and a half week stint in detail-oriented and analytical Virgo. Mercury naturally rules Virgo, so it feels highly functional and very much at home while it travels through this zodiac sign. This transit (especially while paired with the energy of Virgo season 2020) showers us in organization-focused energy that’s inspiring us to get our acts together, and the astrology of this week is offering us the perfect jump-start vibes to get that started.

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