Meryl Streep's Nephew Gets Plea Deal After Road Rage Incident, Won't Face Jail Time

"Although the criminal case is over for [Streep], the damage to my life goes on and will go on for the rest of my life," said the alleged victim, David Peralta-Mera.

Meryl Streep’s nephew, Charles Harrison Streep, will reportedly get a no-jail plea deal for his role in a violent Hampton’s road-rage incident that resulted in a teenager with a brain injury, according to Page Six.

Per the lawyer of the alleged victim, 19-year-old David Peralta-Mera, Streep, 32, is set to not face jail time and will only have to pay a $100 fine after he pled guilty to one count of “unlawfully blocking or obstructing a parking lot” during a physical altercation with Peralta-Mera.

According to Page Six, the incident took place in August 2020 in the Chase Bank parking lot in downtown East Hampton, New York. Per court docs at the time, Peralta-Mera, then 18, was driving a red Ford Mustang that drove closely past Streep’s Audi convertible at an intersection. Streep, then 31, allegedly followed Peralta-Mera into the Chase parking lot — and the two started fighting. Following the incident, Streep was charged with strangulation and assault, however, the charges were downgraded to misdemeanors. Per Page Six, if Streep had been found guilty of the offenses, he would have faced up to a year of jail time.

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Speaking to The Post on Tuesday, Peralta-Mera said, “Although the criminal case is over for [Streep], the damage to my life goes on and will go on for the rest of my life.”

However, 19-year-old said he has faith in the civil court system and is “confident that I will receive justice.”

“I assume that Mr. Streep did not intend to do the damage he did to me, or to upend both our lives, like he did,” he said, adding that “now that the criminal case is over, I fully trust in the civil system and am confident that I will receive justice in that court.”

In September, a judge ruled that the civil case be put on pause until the criminal case was closed.

In his civil lawsuit, Peralta-Mera, an American-born Ecuadorian, alleged that Streep slammed his head on the ground as he threw racial slurs at him during the incident. Peralta-Mera was airlifted to a hospital for emergency brain surgery and had suffered a brain bleed.

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Meanwhile, Peralta-Mera’s lawyer, Edmond Chakmakian, spoke about the aftermath of Peralta-Mera’s injury, telling Page Six that, “He’s got cognitive disturbances, memory issues, he’s got mood issues [such as] irritability and depression.”

“And he’s struggling to resume his studies, ironically as a criminal-justice major,” he added. “He’s also left with $125,000 in hospital debt hanging over his head.”

Streep’s criminal and civil lawyers did not return Page Six’s request for comment.

TooFab has reached out to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office for further comment.

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