Mum leaves fans giggling after unicorn cake for daughter’s birthday goes wrong

A mum decided to put her skills to the test to make her daughter a trendy unicorn cake for her birthday, but it didn't go as planned.

Lauren planned to purchase the cake seen all over Pinterest and Instagram then realised how difficult it really was.

She and her husband rushed to several supermarkets where they found one last cake that had been damaged.

The mum hadn't realised how popular the dessert was as she decided to buy it the night before the party.

In the original design, it features white icing with a rainbow unicorn mane, gold horn and smiling eyelashes on the front of it.

But sadly for the parent, her version looked like a unicorn-cat hybrid with slightly different eyes and a huge smiley face on top.

Now sharing images to a popular Facebook group, Lauren wrote: "This may make you laugh. It certainly made my husband's night!

"My daughter is adamant that she wants a unicorn cake for her birthday.

"Being the naive parents that we are, we assumed that they would be easy to get hold of and left it to the night before.

"Needless to say, two supermarket visits and multiple calls and we can only find one that's had a tumble from shelf to floor."

The Tesco "caticorn" cake was badly squished from being dropped.

Lauren said it took a "mother's love and perseverance" to restore the cake which resembled a unicorn.

Speaking about her daughter, the mum said: "She won't be able to tell the difference, right?"

The Facebook post was liked by around 3,000 people, with many praising the mum for her efforts.

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One wrote: "Priceless because you tried your best.

"This cake is what makes you an awesome mum and will be the memory your child will never forget."

Another added: "I make cakes for a living and can guarantee she will love this, because it's beautiful and made with love."

While a third praised: "I prefer yours! It's got more character! Well done!"

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