Mum-of-7 shares snaps of her twins epic birthday with piles of presents

Mum-of-seven Tess Giddings took to her Instagram page this weekend to reveal plans for her twins epic birthday surprise.

Tess' twin sons, Levi and Hezekiah, are turning three today (Monday July 26).

And the mum has certainly gone all out for their special day!

The parent took to her Instagram story over the weekend to show off the pile of presents she has bought for her sons and the surprise decorations which they will wake up to.

The first snap she shared showed all of their birthday presents before they were wrapped, which included Spider-Man masks, toy cars and game sets.

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Tess wrote: "Best start getting this wrapped up for the twins birthday tomorrow."

She then began to show off the decoration as she shared a photo of her epic balloon decorations, which included a blow-up Batman.

Fans got to then see the full scene as all the decorations and presents were laid out in the family's living room.

A balloon Spider-Man also joined Batman and two scooters were seen ready for the twins next to their pile of presents.

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Talking about the scooters, Tess revealed that they were actually a bargain she got online.

She wrote: "It's so easy to save money when it comes to birthdays!

"Instead of paying £100 odd each for these scooters, I managed to find these on Gumtree for £15 and £10 – saving £175!

"I literally buy so much off the Facebook selling pages and Gumtree, it saves me so much, especially on birthdays."

Tess' kids are aged between three and 14. The 33-year-old, from Bournemouth, previously revealed she was devastated to find out she was expecting in 2017.

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She said: "Five kids were our absolute limit and because there was a wait for Chris’s op, I went on the Pill. So I have no idea how I fell pregnant.

"We knew we were absolutely done after our fifth child, so Chris booked a vasectomy.

"We only had sex once, the day after my period, so when I was late the following month, pregnancy didn’t even cross my mind.

“But I grabbed a test and did it at 11pm one night – only to see an instant positive. It was like a punch in the stomach.

“I cried my eyes out all night. It sounds ungrateful but I didn’t want another baby. Five kids was such hard work, I couldn’t get my head around having another."

However, she says when she found out she was having twins she was "ecstatic".

Tess has also hit headlines recently for flaunting her toned figure in a bikini after recently undergoing a tummy tuck.

The mum revealed she'd had a tummy tuck back in May. She said she initially planned to have just her appendix scar removed, but then went for a tummy tuck too, despite learning to accept her "wobbly belly".

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