Mum parodies model’s lingerie shoot – and ‘look of resignation’ has fans howling

A mum has broken the internet with her hilarious parody of a model’s stunning fireplace bikini shoot.

Celeste Barber has become known for her comic attempts at replicating some iconic snaps from some of the world’s most famous celebs.

From poking fun at Megan Fox’s cheeky snap with beau Machine Gun Kelly to taking on Rihanna’s sexy bedroom pose – no one is safe from her side-splitting parodies.

And her latest video has proven more popular than ever after she put her own spin on a red-hot fireplace shoot.

The original clip shows a model strolling in front of the fireplace in some black lingerie.

Mariah Carey’s iconic festive hit Christmas plays in the background as the she seductively grabs her hair and walking between some books that have been laid out.

It then cuts to Celeste having her own go – and it is brilliant.

She’s ditched the fireplace for a TV and some small lights and has helped herself to a glass of wine.

Posing in her own black lingerie, she jokingly walks about boozed and at the end, even appears to forget what she’s doing.

Instead of books being laid out on the floor, the comedian has scattered around some magazines.

The clip was shared to her Instagram with the caption: “Be sure to do the bare minimum this Christmas.”

It has since been seen more than 5 million times and has gone down a treat with her fans.

“Your last facial expression is the most honest for Christmas parties,” one wrote.

Another commented: “You and me girl. I feel this Xmas style in my soul.”

And a third added: “The look of resignation at the end.”

Even some of Celeste’s celebrity followers chimed in, with actress Selma Blair saying: “How did you get this video of me at home?”

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