Mum shares important warning about using a magic eraser to clean your fridge

We always appreciate a cleaning trick that speeds up the de-griming process.

But sometimes the hacks that seem so simple aren’t the way to go.

Heed this warning from a mum in Sydney.

The woman shared photos of the moment using a magic eraser sponge took ‘the top layer of coating’ off her fridge.

At first, she said, she was pleased with ‘how well’ the eraser was working… then she stood back, saw what had happened, and ‘wanted to cry’.

Photos shared online show a fridge that, yes, looks clean, but also has its protective film scraped off.

She’s revealed her mishap to prevent others from making the same mistake, warning people to never use a magic eraser to clean a fridge.

Hundreds of people responded to the post, thanking the woman for the warning.

‘Magic erasers are like fine grade sand paper and should be used with much caution,’ one woman said.

Some people recommended that rather than chucking out the fridge, the woman could repaint it or turn the bottom section into a chalkboard.

FYI, you don’t need to throw away your magic erasers entirely.

They’re definitely of use when it comes to budging tough stains, but need to be handled with caution.

Magic erasers are made of a material called melamine foam, which can dig into surfaces and destroy stains, scuffs, and marks that other cleaning products can’t.

But they shouldn’t be used on surfaces that are painted, polished, or delicate, as the tough scrubbing action can remove layers and leave damage.

Stainless steel is usually a no-go.

Your best bet is to test out the magic eraser on a small area before going all-out on the wipe down.

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