‘My man has a 12-inch penis – I can’t go back to average todgers now’

An OnlyFans model claims she "can't go back" to dating other people after being with a man who has a 12-inch penis.

Stella Andrews opened up about the intimate details of her dating life on the Inside OnlyFans podcast with hosts CJ and Kayla.

The 25-year-old model, from the US, claims she shoots porn scenes with her partner and the pair often collaborate with other women for their x-rated content.

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Stella claimed that, during one of their shoots, they were filming with a top porn star when she was told she should warn others about the size of her man's appendage.

Stella explained: "She's like one of the top porn stars in the world right now – and I didn't warn her, he does have an 11 to 12-inch d**k.

"I didn't warn her because I'm like 'oh, she's this big porn star, she's used to it.' She's like 'Stella, why didn't you warn me?' She was so mad."

Apparently, the porn star needed to prepare herself for the shoot physically and mentally.

But while they all had a good laugh about it, Stella claims that after dating the bloke for three years she feels like she "can't go back" to average members.

She said: "I'm used to it now but I don't think I could be with anyone else, at this point. – with a d**k that big, it's like you can't go back."

The presenters chuckled and joked that they "maxed out at 4inches" because they "don't want to know what that's like."

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