My partner has little time for me now he's rekindled with his daughter

DEAR DEIDRE: SINCE my partner got back in touch with his eldest daughter I feel low down on the list of his priorities.

They FaceTime constantly while I just sit around waiting for him to be free.

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I know it meant a lot to him to get back in touch with her. She’s 20 now and he’s 38.

He was a young dad and lost touch with her mum when he joined the military.

I’m 34 and I encouraged him to find out about her and helped him to track her down. He found her within six weeks through social media and they had an online reunion.

She’s had a bad relationship with her mother, who apparently has always bad-mouthed my partner.

The daughter lives more than 200 miles away from us, so as soon as my partner gets in from work, he FaceTimes her and they chat for over an hour.

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She seems lovely but I’m getting fed up with it.

We used to have special times in the evenings. Now he just ignores me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Find a quiet moment to tell him you realise how special his daughter is to him, but that his new relationship with her feels to be to the detriment of your relationship together.

Explain you understand that he’s making up for lost time but you want him to spend at least three evenings a week focusing on your relationship.

Make a date for all three of you to get together so that you can build a relationship with her yourself.

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