‘Nerd’ turns sexy cyborg model by spending £170k on head implants and tattoos

A self-confessed "nerd and outcast" underwent an extreme transformation after splashing out £170,000 on body modifications.

Lina grew up in a conservative and religious family in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and was picked on at school.

She recalled: “I literally grew up in the middle of nowhere in Germany in a rather conservative and religious family.

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“I spent most of my childhood playing outdoors or at my parents’ health food shop.

“People in the past would describe me as a wallflower, nerd and outcast.

“I was spat on, received death threats in the mailbox and was the last one to be picked for a team.

“I was chubby, insecure and just not one of the cool kids.

“My very strict and religious upbringing definitely contributed to that – kids pick on you if you are different.”

It wasn't until Lina got an internship in Sweden that her life began to change.

She was no longer under the watchful gaze of her parents at 22 – and so started exploring her love for body modifications.

It was when she was working in various office jobs that she got her first tattoo – a dandelion on her shoulder.

In the years since, Lina has had 250 tattoos, a breast augmentation and a nose job.

She’s also had three subdermal implants – a type of body modification that is placed under the skin to create a raised design – in her forehead and chest.

And she now goes by the alias Cigno, the Italian word for swan – a choice inspired by The Ugly Duckling fairy tale.

The ink fanatic said: “Family and friends back home definitely had some difficulties catching up with my rapid changes.

“I would visit home only sporadically, so the changes seemed more drastic to them than they would have if they had seen me every day.

“There were acquaintances and friends who would simply not recognise me on the street.

“It was not just my appearance that had changed – I had also grown into a confident and more extroverted individual.”

While Cigno's parents struggled to accept her "cyborg" look at first, they were won over before they both passed away during the pandemic.

She said: “It took a while for my parents to be fully accepting of their youngest changing.

“Parents want to see you as their perfect little girl they have brought into this life and they want you to stay the same.

“That’s a common generational conflict for sure, especially when it comes to body modifications and plastic surgery.

“But they eventually accepted my path because they could tell that it is doing me good.”

While Cigno feels more confident in her skin nowadays, she plans to keep evolving her look.

The OnlyFans model, who now lives in San Fransisco in California, added: “I am feeling more myself in my daily life.

“The day I was able to let go of any fear of judgment for my individuality, it felt like I was finally able to express myself freely and confidently.

“I am not done yet though – it’s time for Cigno 2.0 – stay tuned for more evolution of myself.”


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