Oral sex is the only thing that makes me climax but my husband rarely does it | The Sun

DEAR DEUDRE: ORAL sex is the only thing that makes me orgasm but my husband doesn’t seem to understand.

I always do things for him to ensure he’s satisfied and he gets pleasured by me at least twice a week.

He’s 32 and I’m 30. I feel normal sex is OK but it doesn’t truly satisfy me.

I’ve spoken to him about how much I love oral and he does oblige sometimes but it’s a bit of an effort.

Last week we had sex and my husband had his way, then lay there on his back looking at the ceiling.

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I felt like I’d been used. He didn’t care about my pleasure at all.

If I withhold sex altogether, do you think he’ll get the message?

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DEIDRE SAYS: He may do, but why not talk to him? You’re married, so you should be able to discuss anything – including sex.

Explain that oral is the one thing that makes you feel good, and ask him to incorporate more of it in your lovemaking.


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But also explore your own body, and show him how to use his hands on sensitive areas at the same time as intercourse, to make penetrative sex more enjoyable.

My support pack Help Your Partner To Orgasm will give you fun things to try.

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