Parents have to sign NDA for Kanye West’s Donda Academy: reports

Enrollment looks a little different at the Donda Academy.

Two families whose kids have been attending Donda Academy, which has less than 100 students, claimed to Rolling Stone that parents have to sign nondisclosure agreements for Kanye West’s secretive school.

However, Tamar Andrews, a consultant to the school, tried to debunk the families’ claims, telling the outlet that the parents of each student only have to sign “an informal agreement” — but didn’t specify what that “agreement” was.

“Honestly, we don’t care if people know about the school,” Andrews said.

“The people that want to come to the school are looking for a good Christian school in that area and they know that we’re there … there is also a certain notoriety that comes with being affiliated with Donda. So, I don’t know that we have to advertise, which is a blessing and a curse.”

West shares four children with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.


Kardashian is hesitant to send her children to West’s secretive school.

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