Parents' hilarious college dorm room gift for daughter is embarrassment goals

(Whitney Scott Photography)

There are few things funnier to a parent than embarrassing their teen. 

David and Whitney Scott are practically professionals in that department. And since they are actually professional photographers, they catch many of these cringy moments on camera. 

“Since before she was born, we have looked forward to the teenage years when we could have a little fun embarrassing her with all our parental love,” Whitney Scott of Arkansas, told Fox News.

David and Whitney Scott of Arkansas, gave their college-bound daughter a hilarious dorm room gift.
(Whitney Scott Photography)

Her husband David always yelled “I love you!” from the school drop-off line, she said, and on the first day of their daughter’s senior year of high school, they recreated her kindergarten photos. 

David and Whitney Scott of Arkansas, gave their daughter a giant blanket with their faces on it, and a pillowcase featuring her brother and dog.
(Whitney Scott Photography)

“She was a great sport,” Scott said. 

So when it came time to move their daughter into her dorm room at Harding University in Searcy, Scott said their daughter was “expecting some goofiness.”

The goofiness came in the form of a blanket with a giant photo of her parents and a pillowcase with a photo of her brother and dog. 

David and Whitney Scott of Arkansas, photograph their daughter with an "embarrassing" dorm room gift.
(Whitney Scott Photography)

“She kind of rolled her eyes,” Scott told Fox News, but she knew there was love and fun behind it.”

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