Parents of 3 in 'Race Against Time' After Their 2 Daughters Are Diagnosed with Fatal Brain Disease

"We were getting ready for family pictures a few weeks ago and Kylie was braiding Kennedy's hair, and she started breaking down and… thinking about how she probably was not going to be braiding her hair for prom," he continues. "There's going to come a day where I wish they could talk back to me and have an attitude with me."

Still, even with an uncertain future, Kylie and Kyle do their best to maintain a positive outlook for their girls – and for themselves.

"It's an impossible task but one that we have to do," Kyle says. "We've been telling ourselves that there's a reason that they were sent to us and why they chose us to be their mom and dad. We are going to give them the time of their life while we can."

"You've got to live in the moment and you can't go down those rabbit holes because you'll miss out on what's happening in front of you," adds Kylie.

As they embrace those moments with their daughters, Kyle and Kylie are holding onto hope that their efforts will benefit the girls in treatment, as well as provide more research and funding for other families in similar situations.

"Even if it's too late for Kinley and Kennedy — and we pray that it is not — Kylie and I want to make sure that someone else in our position several years down the road doesn't have to feel so isolated and feel so hopeless like we feel right now," Kyle says.

"We're fighting for Kinley and Kennedy because right now, they can't really fight for themselves," he adds. "We have a chance. It may be a small one, but we've got one."

Those interested in donating to the Harrison family's GoFundMe can do so here.

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