People are just realising why Heinz tomato ketchup has a number above the label

Ketchup is something a lot of people use everyday, and Heinz is one of the most popular brands out there.

However, have you really looked at the bottle while using it?

Well if you have, you may have noticed that on a glass bottle of the red sauce, there is a number 57 above the label, just below the neck.

Many people have often thought that this represents the various different products Heinz makes – however it also has another use.

It turns out the number is also strategically placed for an important reason, according to The Mirror.

Heinz says that the spot is the perfect place to tap on the bottle when you're struggling to get ketchup out.

In the trivia section of their website, they explained: "To release Heinz Tomato Ketchup from its glass bottle with extra speed, apply a firm tap to the spot marked '57' on the neck label."

You learn something new everyday we guess!

The news comes after people also worked out what the tiny pockets in a pair of jeans are for over the weekend.

The small pockets actually date all the way back to 1890, when they were stitched into Levi's 'waist overall' jeans.

They used to be commonly used for pocket watches back them.

Tacey Panek, Levi Strauss & Co's historian, told Insider: "The oldest pair of waist overalls in the Levi Strauss & Co. Archives (from 1879) includes the watch pocket.

"Our 19th century overalls had a single back pocket on right side of the pant beneath the leather patch."

They added: "To preserve the integrity of the early design, Levi Strauss & Co. maintains the watch pocket."

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