People creeped out to learn Pringles man doesn’t actually wear glasses in logo

Pringles has changed up its logo for its 30th anniversary and it's eerily left many feeling like they are experiencing the Mandela effect.

For years, conspiracy theorists have argued the unusual phenomenon proves we live in an alternative universe.

This is because they remember things differently to how they are in real life.

To counter argue its existence though, many doctors use it as an illustration of how imperfect memory can be sometimes.

It's spooky nonetheless – and one example is Pringles' mascot Mr P.

The character has got the hair's standing up on the back of people's necks.

This is because many of us picture him wearing glasses or with a monocle, when he's actually not got any eye gear on.

Yesterday, Pringles published photos of its new cans featuring the iconic Mr P.

He has his moustache as usual but the design had been simplified and made monochrome.

Donning new eyebrows, his red bow tie was removed and so was his hair.

While bald and naked, that wasn't the only difference some people remembered about Pringle's mascot.

Many people took to Twitter to say they remembered him with a monocle, while the other half said he did not.

One woman tweeted a poll, she wrote: "Guys serious question, the character on Pringles. When you think of that do you imagine/remember him with or without a monocle?"

In total, 59.2% voted for with eye fear and 40.8% said without.

Another tweeted in a thread about the Mandela effect: "I deadass thought the Pringles guy had a monocle I'm SO UPSET."

One Twitter user shared a picture they had drawn with their boyfriend of what they could remember of the logo – and both featured a monocle.

They wrote: "Me and my boyfriend trying to remember the Pringles man and we both manifested a monocle for no reason……"

Another insisted: "Pringles man had a monocle I swear."

Other examples of the Mandela Effect include the famous Rich Uncle Money Bags from the game Monopoly.

Numerous people have admitted online they distinctly remember him wearing a monocle over his eye.

He doesn't and has never.

Perhaps that's the confusion, they do look very alike…

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