People reveal the amusing ways pranksters made light of bad situation

It’s the little things in life! Hilarious snaps capture people who’ve found joy in everyday moments

  • Photos compiled by US-based site Diply capture pranksters from across globe 
  • One imaginative man drew a funny face on his finger after cutting himself
  • In Sweden, people turned a building into an indoor pool after a torrential flood
  • A restaurant owner had fun with their WiFi password, writing: ‘ 1, 2, 3, Pho, 5, 6’ 

When something goes wrong, many of us will spend the rest of the day feeling angry and dwelling on it – but that’s not true for this bunch of pranksters. 

The images, compiled by US-based platform Diply, demonstrate the joy that comes from making the best of a bad situation – including one man who turned his frown upside-down by transforming the cut on his finger into a funny face. 

In another, a restaurant owner had fun with his establishment’s WiFi Network name by subtly slipping in a Vietnamese dish with the code reading: ‘1, 2, 3, PHo, 5, 6.’

Elsewhere, others tried to make the most of a bad situation by turning a building which had been flooded after torrential weather into an indoor pool. 

The driver of this rail replacement bus, from an unknown location, couldn’t resist joking about being a train, with a sign which read: ‘I’m a train choo choo’

In the US, this bar called the ‘Sextant’ found an opportunity to make fun of its name – and people thinking they are another kind of establishment 

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A restaurant owner made a man from Kentucky chuckle after slipping the name of the Vietnamese dish Pho into his WiFi password

An American friend who was asked to bake a Canada-themed cake could not resist adding her own touch 

Another prankster, from Florida, saw the silver lining after cutting himself and decided to turn it into a cut

One man, believed to be from the US, used toilet rolls as eyes and a piece of cardboard as a tongue to decorate his toilet

One man, from an unknown location, decided to make the most of a bad situation and threw himself a party after losing his job

A US-based cat lover revealed how they used dinosaurs figurines to prank their cat into staying downstairs 

An exasperated dad from the US posted this advert asking for a new son who isn’t a ‘big giant dork’ around his local area

A cat owner, from an unknown location, used artwork on the car flap to make it look like the cat was asking for more fuel

People in Sweden turned a train station into an indoor pool after it was badly flooded

A Dragon Ball Z fan, from the US, used figurines of the show in order to make it look like they had caused the crack in their windshield 

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