People share hilarious signs they've come across

A sign of superior wit! Hilarious snaps reveal some VERY cleverly-worded notices that won’t fail to catch your attention

  • People from the US have shared the most hilarious signs they’ve come across 
  • One advert invited clients to try one woman’s ‘worst coffee’ she ever had
  • Another sign on a house told solicitors they would be charged for their pitches 

Standing out from the crowd is a tough task in today’s hyper-connected world, with countless demands on people’s attention, but sometimes a sharp sense of wit is all you need.   

Bored Panda has revealed a selection of amusing signs shared by people from around the US, varying from funny adverts to sarcastic pranks. 

One sign in front of a café invited patrons to come try their coffee after a woman called it the worse caffeine fix she’d ever had in a TripAdvisor review.

In another, a humorous ‘missing pet’ sign called on neighbours to stay on the lookout for an automated vacuum cleaner – saying it ‘didn’t bite’.

Meanwhile, a sign on an unfinished emergency phone station advised people not to have an emergency in that location. 

People have share some hilarious signs they’ve come across. Pictured: an ‘earthquake detection kit’ made of googly eyes 

We don’t know what Joe did to earn this sign, but it seems his workplace has been better off this way

One person saw this brilliant billboard advert illustrating  company’s dire need for a graphic designer 

One person poke fun at the age old joke that doctors have incomprehensible handwriting with this sign 

A dog’s life! One person wondered whether dogs treated pooches who worked for the force differently 

After the year we’ve had, a library decided to have a little bit of fun with this sign about their post-apocalyptic fiction works

One person made people chuckle by comparing their mind with their internet browser, saying they had 19 tabs open 

This hotel management team stressed they had more human causing problems on their premises than dogs 

This café invited patrons to try a coffee a woman had called the ‘worst cofee […] she ever had’ on TripAdvisor 

One man from New York state found this very funny sign born out of a literal order by the graphic designer 

This person found a rather extreme and hilarious way of getting rid of sollicitors – by charging them for their time 

This funny sign poked fun at Algebra and the fact that an unknown number is always called ‘x’ or ‘y’

A prankster left missing signs for their roomba, called ‘Higgins’ which they said did not ‘bite’ and that it ‘could not swim’

One person wrote this sarcastic religious epiphany on a white board for all to see, explaining he understood why Noah only put animals on his ark before the Biblical Flood

People were left in stitches by this sign on an emergency phone booth reading ‘don’t have an emergency at this location’

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