Pizza delivery driver gifted new car after losing old one to fire during attempted theft

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Sometimes, a bad situation can turn into a positive experience.

A pizza delivery driver was seemingly left unable to make a living after catastrophe struck. The Texas worker reportedly lost his car after a group of thieves accidentally caused it to set on fire.

Isaac Sanchez has had a string of bad luck, WAGM TV reports. According to the news outlet, he had broken his knee in February and then fell ill later in the year. This caused him to build up significant hospital bills and his car was reportedly his only way to make any income as a delivery driver for Papa John’s.

Unfortunately, a group of thieves recently attempted to steal the car’s catalytic converter. While they were apparently unsuccessful, the next day, Sanchez’s car reportedly caught fire. According to a mechanic, the fire was caused by the catalytic converter.

Fortunately, the delivery driver’s story apparently caught the attention of the company’s president, Keith Sullins. In response, the president decided to help Sanchez, who has reportedly been with the company for 15 years, by providing him with a new car.

“He’s such a great employee,” Sullins told reporters. “I just like to say thank you for staying with Papa John’s. Thank you for all you do.”

Based on his response, Sanchez seems to be very grateful for the car.

According to WAGM TV, he said, “The president of the company just came out here and gave me his car. That is awesome. I’m overwhelmed really. I’m very thankful for everything that’s happened.”

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