Popular hair products to ‘stay away from’ or risk thinner hair

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Bouncy, voluminous hair is the epitome of youth, but as we get older hair strands become smaller and have less pigment, causing it to appear limp. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Joana Neves, editorial director at haircare brand Alterna, about how mature ladies can better their hair today and look younger instantly.

Joana told Express.co.uk: “Many of us struggle with the fact our hair lacks volume or that it feels and looks fine and lifeless.

“However, there are tricks to helping our hair look as if it is fuller and thicker in appearance, and products we can use to instantly give our hair volume.”

Joana started with three things mature women can do at home to prevent hair from thinning in the first place.

She advised: “If you think your hair is thinning due to hair damage, give it more TLC!

“Stay away from heated styling tools, sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase that’s gentler towards your hair and invest in your haircare routine.”

This means doing “weekly at home masks/treatments” as well as regularly visiting the salon “to ensure your hair gets back to a great condition”.

She also recommended a lightweight mousse for a quick fix, namely the Alterna Caviar Clinical Densifying Styling Mousse (£31.50).

She called it “a great product to give thinning hair a helping hand and provide a light hold”.

“It also helps hair to look healthy and be less prone to damage, which is essential as damage can play a role in hair becoming thinner in texture.”

But the expert warned that if your hair is experiencing major thinning, this kind of product might not totally cut the mustard.

Joana advised: “If your hair is thinning rather seriously, it’s important to visit a trichologist who will be able to investigate further into why your hair is thinning and if there are any underlying issues.”

Moving onto limp and lifeless hair, the expert suggested that this might be down to your haircut.

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Women with very long hair run the risk of it looking a little less va-va-voom than it could.

To tackle the “common challenge” faced by the longer-haired women among us, Joana stressed the importance of getting a trim regularly.

She explained that a frequent chop will “give your hair bluntness at the ends and ensure your hair has a more uniform, thick and full appearance”.

For some volume up top, she suggested asking for some soft layers on your next trip to the salon.

She concluded: “Those with long hair should also use a good quality, professional volume shampoo and conditioner that will give hair a boost of fullness and volume.

“My favourite duo is the Alterna Caviar Multiplying Volume Shampoo and Conditioner as on first usage, hair appears fuller and more voluminous.”

Of course, for those willing to splash the cash for thicker looking hair, hair extensions are an option – just make sure you consult a professional stylist first.

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