Pregnant woman gobsmacked as husband jokes he hopes baby looks nothing like her

A pregnant woman has slammed her husband after he made a speech at their gender reveal party which wasn't nice.

The mum-to-be said she was already feeling anxious about the party because she doesn't like being around many people.

Posting on Reddit, she revealed how she was left gobsmacked by her husband's speech as he made a rude comment about her.

She claimed that while everyone laughed at the remark, she felt awful and immediately walked out of the party.

Her post read: "I married my husband three years ago. I'm currently pregnant with our first baby together.

"We found out it's going to be a girl and my in-laws invited us for dinner for a 'gender reveal announcement and celebration'."

She added: "We got there and had many relatives come to congratulate us and celebrate.

"It was bigger than expected which made me nervous because I'm not a fan of being around many people.

"We sat at the dinner table and I barely ate, I was feeling so much anxiety and was sort of upset my husband didn't warn me about how many people were coming, but I tried to stay calm and collected.

"After the announcement and in the middle of the celebration my husband wanted to give a toast. He opened a bottle and poured a drink and wished that our daughter be 'healthy, happy, but look nothing like' me. Everyone at the table laughed."

When the comment was made, the woman was left feeling "so much rage" so she took her purse and left.

She continued: "His mum followed me asking if I was okay, I told her I just wanted to go home."

Before the woman could leave the party, her husband stopped her and asked what was wrong which is when he said it was a joke.

When it was shared on the online forum, many Reddit users were firmly on the woman's side.

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One said: "Dump the whole man. Get a divorce before your child sets foot on this Earth.

"He was wrong to treat you like that. Disgusting behaviour."

Another added: "That wasn't a joke, that was an insult. You deserve someone who loves you and who knows how to respect you."

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