‘Promising Young Woman’ is serious business

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Here’s a nice pre-Valentine’s Day movie for you.

Carey Mulligan’s “Promising Young Woman” is about hell-bent women on manhunting missions with dastardly dudes, and lots of promises and rotten guys who, thinking the lady’s drunk, try to take advantage — then learn revenge is like a cold dish and blah, blah, etc., etc.

Carey: “The script was how regrettably commonplace this is. Countless examples out there. This is the culture we grew up in.”

Mulligan’s faux floozy fatale femme gets even for what happened to her best friend.

“My character’s putting something right that was so wrong. She can’t live in a world where such an injustice could be casually ignored. A story like this, I wish had come out when I was 18.”

Thinking about now maybe kicking out your semi-bum guy?

This is your good Feb. 14 film.

I’m hearing . . .

Deepak Chopra’s hunting all ethnicities 18 to 85 and wants them chop-chop. Digital series. First-timers to lifelong meditators with any range of alternative medicine knowledge. Send a photo and sample video to CastingNetworks.com. It’s about new aging well, but only pays $100, so no cracks about cheapo Chopra . . . News about G. Clooney bringing back Buck Rogers in a TV series. He’s producing. It’s not cast. So we may or may not see him in tights personally flying around in a saucer . . . Another comeback, as a TV series, is “The Great Gatsby.” Author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s family is involved.

Hunger to be free

Woody Allen to a friend: “Been hiding from Mr. COVID under my bed. Plus, the restaurant situation is dismal. Not able to swing a vaccination yet, but soon as I do I will find some joint to feed us fettuccini” . . . Noise from Broadway is they’re quietly scratching around to gear up. Forget spring or summer. They’re assessing the possibility of November.

Goodbye to two legends

Can’t let two A-No. 1 1adies leave without saying goodbye. Cloris Leachman, a friend, once worked naked with just body paint. She was a great broad with a great sense of humor. Also great at putting you down if you didn’t put her up high. Like at one LA movie opening when she was mistaken for Glenn Close. Trust me, the grass never again grew where that guy had been standing. Cicely Tyson. A vegan. Big-time lady. No lines dare sit on that face. Doing an Arsenio Hall show, she made the whole staff stop, delay the taping and repaint a wall before she’d walk in front of it. And when she did step out, it was from a limo in full-length mink. Once she trained for a role in Tecate, Mexico’s Rancho la Puerta. When Miss Cicely was in the house you knew it!

Looking good

Retail’s in the toilet but resale’s running well. Consignment shop RealReal is going big big. Why everyone’s scratching for used shmattas, who knows? And secondhand fake-o jewelry is also a hot seller. Susan Gutfreund’s was in a Christie’s online auction. Chanel faux pearl and glass choker estimated to go for $1,000 sold for $7,500. A Chanel glass and green bead thing, up for $4,000, brought $6,250. Glass earrings? Up for $600, grabbed $5,000. Glass and stone bird brooch $3,000 to $5,000. Went for $30,000. Why’s everyone springing up for hand-me-downs? Nobody’s going noplace. How good’s anyone have to look for the plumber to fix their refrigerator leak?

A local Democrat: “This Biden has no charisma. This wife has no elegance. What we got now in the White House is, we got the Clampetts.”

Burbled only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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