Psychologist reveals why the Queen wears green for important occasions

Queen’s decision to wear ‘powerful and confident’ green to her most important occasions is a subtle way to show that she’s ‘in control’ and ‘not swayed by the opinions of others’, colour psychologist reveals

  • The Queen, 94, wears green ensembles during important working engagements
  • Wore lime and lemon for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May 2018
  • Donned an ivory Angela Kelly dress, green coat and matching hat adorned with faux daffodils and orchids for first public appearance of 2021 on Wednesday
  • Lancashire-based psychologist Lee Chambers said green conveys message that we are ‘calmly confident, approachable and peaceful to be around’ 

The Queen’s decision to wear ‘powerful and confident’ green to her most important working engagements indicates she is ‘in control’ and ‘not swayed by the opinions of others’, according to a colour psychologist. 

Her Majesty, 94, looked her elegant best in a delicately flared dress in lime, lemon, purple and grey printed silk when she attended the wedding of her grandson Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on 19 May 2018.   

The monarch then donned a bright spring-inspired ensemble when she ‘got her second Covid jab’ before facing the public without a face mask on Wednesday during her first official engagement after five months in lockdown.

The royal stepped out in an ivory Angela Kelly dress, green coat and matching hat adorned with faux daffodils and orchids, and the Australian wattle brooch presented to her on her first tour of the country in 1954. 

It is reported that she made her appearance, which ties in closely with 12 weeks since she received her first Covid jab, after getting her second dose of the vaccine. 

The colour green has deep associations with nature, and with this comes symbolism that is both grounding and refreshing, according to Lancashire-based psychologist Lee Chambers.

Speaking to FEMAIL, he explained: ‘When we wear green, we are conveying a message that we are calmly confident, approachable and peaceful to be around. The balance green has is important, as it also exudes an element of compassion while bringing a feeling of energy and optimism to those you encounter.’

The Queen, 94,  wears green ensembles during important working engagements to indicate she is ‘in harmony with herself’ and ‘not swayed by the opinions of others’, according to psychologists and colour experts. Pictured, during a visit to the CWGC Air Forces Memorial in Runnymede, Surrey, 31 March 2021

Stewart Parvin designed the outfit the monarch wore to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May 2018 (pictured)

He added: ‘Wearing green can also give us a feeling of serenity and stability, and it creates an ambiance of tradition and values that is conferred without words.’

‘And because it is subtle, respectful and rare as a clothing colour, it draws the eye without taking the attention away from others.’

The Queen officially welcomed Meghan Markle to the royal family following her wedding to Prince Harry in a lime and lemon ensemble.

Often prone to a matchy-matchy look, the monarch’s matching custom made coat by Stewart Parvin was an edge to edge coat with a frogging fastening in lime silk tweed.

As with any given day the monarch was not seen without her hat opting for an Angela Kelly piece of milliner, using the same lime silk tweed with sinamay adorned across the crown with handmade lace crystals and pearls made by Lucy Price. 

Similarly, Her Majesty was vibrant as ever in a lime green ensemble by Stewart Parvin and hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan when she and the Duchess of Sussex carried out their first official engagement together in Cheshire in June 2018 – just a month after the royal wedding. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan attend a ceremony to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge on June 14, 2018 in Widnes, England. It marked Meghan’s first engagement with the Queen after she tied the knot to Prince Harry

Her Majesty dons green as she arrives in the parade ring during day five of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on Saturday June 22, 2019

And the monarch again stole the show in a similar shade of green on the last day of Ascot on 22nd June 2019 – the same outfit which she recycled on Wednesday. 

According to colour therapy expert and modern colour theorist Momtaz Begum-Hossain, we often describe people’s personalities in terms of seasons – and green is very much the colour of someone who has a ‘spring personality.’ 

‘This trait indicates they’re motivated by personal growth, they’re not afraid of embracing change, and blooming into the best version of themselves,’ she explained.

‘These are all things that epitomise the incredible journey the queen has been on throughout her life, from the moment she became the monarch in her 20s, to dealing with the historical changes the royal family has been through over the last few years.’

‘This explains why she has such an affinity for the colour green and finds great comfort in wearing it.’ 

She went on to say how there are more versions of green than any other colour in existence – adding that it’s good to see Her Majesty experimenting with so many different shades of the ‘balancing, harmonious colour.’

She continued: ‘Wearing green shows the Queen is in harmony with herself, so when she wears it in public she’s showing that she’s not swayed by the opinions of others; green keeps her grounded and true to herself.’ 

According to the colour expert, the bold neon green that the monarch appears to favour takes confidence to wear, and is an example of her showing her ‘powerful side, that she is in control and commands attention.’

The Queen was in good spirits as she arrived at the CWGC Air Forces Memorial in Runnymede, Surrey on Wednesday

She added: ‘Yet underneath this professional exterior she also has a cheeky, joyful side – a nod to the fact she enjoys getting dressed up.’

Discussing the royal’s spring green outfits, Momtaz claimed it is a’rare shade that literally only makes appearances in spring. 

‘It’s yellow undertones generate a vibrant, positive energy, giving off good vibes, which is why it’s a favourite when the Queen is in public and wants to leave a positive impact on the people she meets,’ she said.   

She also went on to say how mint green is ‘one of the most cool, calm and collecting colours’ – and is one we can turn to when we ‘simply want to feel relaxed and at ease.’

She continued: ‘It’s a bit like wearing an armour of tranquility that keeps us level-headed and focused, so it’s no wonder mint is a favourite of the Queen. 

‘On days when she’d rather be at home relaxing but has public engagements, mint lifts her spirit and gives her comfort.’

Celebrity stylist Rochelle White also noted how green can also be the colour of ‘healing, balance and good health’ – suggesting it could be linked to the nation coming out of lockdown with the connection between growth and prosperity.

‘Green is associated with good luck and growth and as a nation we are starting to heal and move forward,’ she explained. ‘With it being a new season and with Spring in the air, it could symbolise growth and prosperity and her way of supporting that.’

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