Puppy needs £9,000 life-changing surgery from Supervet to walk again

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Enzo, a nine-month-old pug, was adopted by the O’Shea family from Halifax, Yorkshire, in November 2020. But in April, 24-year-old owner Shannon noticed that her dog had developed a small limp which then led to Enzo unable to walk.

After visiting the vets x-rays confirmed that Enzo had mild hip dysplasia and spinal compression and sadly things quickly took a turn for the worse.

The family were told that their young pup’s rapid deterioration was caused by unethical breeding leaving it disabled.

Shannon said: “We got Enzo in November when I was pregnant as I wanted him to be able to grow up with my baby girl.

“In April he began walking differently, dragging his back paws, knuckling the floor and becoming a little wobbly.

“We thought maybe he’d pulled a muscle doing zoomies so let him rest. Over the weeks we saw his walking deteriorate so took him to the vets.

“They prescribed him medication, but his condition was getting worse, to the point he could only just hold himself to toilet outside before falling over.”

X-rays showed a right angle bend in Enzo’s spine, which has caused almost complete paralysis in his back legs, apart from a small amount of feeling in his left leg.

Shannon added: “It’s heartbreaking seeing Enzo go through what he is. From being such a happy housetrained pup chasing his ball in the garden, to not being able to go for a walk or know when he needs to pee or poo. It really is awful for him and for us.

“His condition has been caused by improper breeding. His brothers and sisters have issues which I recently found out, and a litter before Enzo had a pup with male and female genitals.

“The poor puppies should not have been bred in the first place, no correct medical checks had been carried out.”

With nowhere else to turn, the O’Shea family are now hoping for a life-changing operation at Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey costing £9,000.

To help pay for the vet bill, Shannon has set up a fundraising page that will cover Enzo’s treatments, scans and surgeries.

So far, more than £5,000 of the £6,500 goal has been raised, with the puppy having to travel 223 miles to the SuperVet’s surgery for follow-up appointments if the family is successful.

“The surgery that was discussed is rather complex.” explained Shannon. “The mortality rate is around eight percent during the surgery. In the remainder of the cases, the outcome is good.

“Unfortunately, in cases like Enzo, the prognosis is guarded as the spine not only deformed but also the spinal canal is narrowed.”

To help Enzo get about for the time being, The High Rollers Club charity donated a set of wheels for the pug to roll about at home.

Shannon said: “When we first put them on he wasn’t sure, but after being bribed with a treat he was running around.

“We’ve also been given some physio exercises to help his muscles, and after surgery Enzo will also require weekly physiotherapy and eventually hydrotherapy.

“If we don’t try to do this he will just get worse and then potentially have to be put to sleep.”


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