Racy model paid to eat on camera targeted by vile trolls who want to ‘skin’ her

An OnlyFans model is earning a fortune by filming herself eating – but there's a downside to the lucrative career.

Since Gigi Grey was launched into the spotlight in 2019, she's been targeted by vile trolls.

She initially joined the adult subscription site to help support her passion for singing – and the job became particularly convenient during lockdown because she continued working without any interruptions.

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The 27-year-old, from the US, loves the flexibility of her career but struggles to come to terms with the backlash she's received.

“The biggest low is definitely the stigma surrounding the work,” she told Daily Star.

“I often feel like I can’t disclose what I do for work in settings with people I don’t know very well, and even with people I know well there’s often a lot of judgment coming from them that can be hurtful and hard to navigate.

“Strangers online really resent people who do OnlyFans so that’s definitely a low as well, but after a while, angry people on the internet become white noise.”

Gigi sometimes receives vicious trolling, which unfortunately has become the nature of the job.

So that she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore, she has turned her notifications off for people she doesn’t follow.

This is a move she made after her Twitter account was blowing up consistently and trolls were commenting on everything she posted.

“There’s kind of a variety of troll comments, I guess, but they’re all to the same tune. ‘I bet your father isn’t in your life’ and ‘Ew, put some clothes on’ and ‘You’re so full of yourself but you’re not even pretty’ are of the milder variety,” she shared.

“On one post in particular, someone insinuated that my content ‘creates addicts’ and is harmful to the men who enjoy it.

“There are lots of violent threats, I wish I could remember them all. I did have someone say they want to ‘skin’ me once.”

Gigi hopes that one day trolls will find peace – but she also wonders why they’re so obsessed with her.

She continued: “At the core of their hatred is an obsession with me and everything I do. I could post a selfie and say I had a lovely day and they’d still comment to say I’m full of myself and don’t deserve nice things.

“I think they’d like to think they make me feel miserable or ruin my day but they’re just faceless people I look down on disapprovingly and try to ignore.

“There’s nothing morally pure or commendable about being a violent misogynist and I know they know how pathetic their behaviour is.”

The 27-year-old implores people to withhold their judgments and reservations about OnlyFans creators.

She is astonished by how much harassment and hatred she receives just for creating content that other people enjoy.

While Gigi is thankful for the freedom and the lifestyle being an OnlyFans creator has provided her, the negativity she receives has a negative impact on her and other creators.

“We’re on the receiving end of so much cruelty for supplying content that we didn’t create a demand for and all that vitriol and stigma has a real impact on us, both emotionally and materially,” she explained.

“This job can be so isolating and alienating purely due to the way people who create erotic content are perceived. For most of us, it’s just a day job.

“In 2023, there are models, actors, social media influencers, writers, musicians, athletes and so many other types of people who supplement their income with OnlyFans. Iggy Azalea is on OnlyFans now. It’s high time we destigmatised it. As I said, it’s just a job.

“Soon I’ll be releasing my first EP and I hope you’ll all stream it and see me for the multifaceted human being I am. I’m an OnlyFans creator to pay the bills but I’m also a pop star. Those two things can coexist.”


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