Rare £1 coin with error sells for fortune on eBay – and you could have one too

Are you a rare coin collector?

In recent weeks we've seen a range of rare 50p coins sell for more than its face value.

Previously, a rare Kew Gardens 50p coin sold for a whopping 300 times more than its original amount on eBay.

Meanwhile, a Blue Peter coin proved popular too as it flogged for under £300.

Now it looks as though it's not just 50p coins that collectors want, it's also £1 coins too.

Earlier this month a rare £1 coin with a notable minting error sold for £206 online.

The coin is a copy of the new British pound which entered circulation in 2017, but a design error meant that it was worth a fortune.

It is supposed to have a gold coloured outer-rim (nickel-brass) and a silver coloured middle (nickel-plated alloy).

But the error version is gold all over instead.

The listing began under-value as the first bid placed was only 99p – 1p less than the coin itself.

And it didn't take long for the coin to reach triple figures after selling for £206 in the end.

The Royal Mint manufactures between 3-4 million coins a day so it's common for things to go wrong.

It comes after a rare £2 coin to mark World War 1 was found with a huge error in its design.

The £2 coin is worth a lot of money due to an error on its design as the words "Two Pounds" are missing on the head side.

It is the 2014 First World War Centenary £2 with the normal version of the coin still worth £2.

  • Rare Kew Gardens 50p coin sells for a whopping 300 times its face value on eBay

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The Royal Mint released this design seven years ago to mark 100 years since the First World War.

It features an image of Lord Kitchener who was an important British war figure who appeared on government propaganda posters.

Coin Hunter experts say 5,720,000 of these coins were struck for circulation, but it's still "very rare" to find one without a date.

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