Renee Zellweger weight loss: Age-less star follows this diet for incredible transformation

Renee Zelweger, 50, is a world famous actress who is well known for her portrayal of Bridget Jones in the film franchise named after the titular character. 

However, she has a huge number of roles behind her and has won an Oscar for her role in Cold Mountain.

She has appeared in three Bridget Jones’s Diary movies, played Roxie Hart in Chicago and the love interest opposite Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.

Many have noticed the star’s changing frame over the years.

Renee Zllweger weight loss: Actress follows the Zone diet – what is it?

Renee, from Texas, has put on weight twice to play British comedy icon Bridget Jones. While the actress herself has always remained slim in her normal life, Bridget has a curvaceous frame, essential to her character.

The actress managed this impressive transformation not once, but twice.

In fact, Renee has followed specific diet, but in a bid to put on weight – not to lose it.

She ate 4,000 calories a day – twice the recommend daily allowance for women – to put on one and a half stones to play the character.

She then shrunk down to a size zero to poor Chicago.

But like most people, Renee looks after her health and does follow a diet to do so, according to reports.

The Mail Online reports that Renee follows the Zone Diet. 

What is the Zone Diet? 

The Zone diet is like other popular diets such as the keto diet in that it tells followers how much of each macronutrient group to eat.

However, this diet is higher in carbs than the keto diet, with a split of 40 per cent carbs, 30 per cent protein and 30 per cent fat.

The diet’s creator, Dr Barry Sears, claimed to have created the diet after noticing a spate of heart attack-related early deaths in his family.

He claimed that inflammation was the cause of weight gain, but also sickness and accelerated ageing.

The doctor thought this style of dieting would limit inflammation.

One dieter has revealed the weight loss diet she followed to lose over three stone. 

 The Reddit user, “sparklejackie” revealed she had slimmed down from 12st 12lb to a healthy 9st 1lb.

She also said she is 30-years-old and 5ft 3in.

The slimmer explained she followed a low-carb keto diet for a year and a half to help her shape up.

The Reddit user said the diet helped her kick unhealthy cravings and that the foods on the plan kept her feeling full.

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