Rihanna ‘Would Love To Have Babies’ With Boyfriend Hassan Jameel: She ‘Loves’ Him

Rihanna confessed that she wants to be a mother ‘more than anything in life’ — when it comes to putting those plans to action, a source revealed whether the singer is in a ‘rush’ or not.

The stars seem aligned for Rihanna, 31, and boyfriend Hassan Jameel, 30, to start a family. They now both live in London, and RiRi has voiced her desire to become a mother — as for the possibility of that happening in the near future, “Rihanna would love to have babies with Hassan but she’s not in any huge rush,” a Rihanna source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “She’s so busy with all her projects, right now her career still takes so much time.” Keep in mind, she has four empires to juggle — her music career, lingerie brand, cosmetics company and luxury clothing line. But that doesn’t mean Rihanna always has “Work” on the mind!

“But she’s in love with him,” our source clarifies, a sentiment Rihanna confirmed in her conversation with Ocean’s 8 co-star Sarah Paulson for the Summer 2019 issue of Interview Magazine. When Sarah asked if the singer is “in love” with Hassan (who wasn’t directly name dropped into the chat), Rihanna was straight up: “Of course I am” — you can watch the interview recap in our video below! With that said, Rihanna “does hope for a future with him and that includes a family,” our source adds. “But there’s no timeline, she’s not stressing about it.”

The feelings are mutual. “Rihanna loves Hassan and he’s just as smitten, it’s very much a two way street,” our source continues. “When you see them together you can’t miss it, they clearly adore each other. And he’s very chivalrous with her, he treats her like a queen, he’s totally her Prince Charming.” This was proven by Rihanna and Hassan’s latest batch of photos from Italy, where they looked loved up on a yacht and on another cozy boat ride in early June.

It’s easy for Rihanna to foresee a future with Hassan, even if she’s putting off family plans for now. “Rihanna finally thinks that she has got it right when it comes to having a relationship and having it actually work and for there to be be a future with it,” a second source who’s close to the “Only Girl” singer EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Hassan has figured her out and she loves him because he is perfect for her. They just get each other and have such a tight bond built through trust, intelligence and laughter. They learn so much from each other and it really intrigues Ri.”

Even though Rihanna’s in no “rush,” a certain someone could hurry up the timeline! “Though there isn’t a time table for marriage and kids, if Hassan wanted to start tomorrow she would find it easy to be convinced to go that route with her life,” our source reveals. “She feels like she has everything and anything else that comes about is just extra icing on the cake.”

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