Sanctuary Chimps Will Break Your Ex's Heart for Charity This Valentine' Day

Breaking hearts can be fun!

To help the broken-hearted heal this Valentine's Day, Save the Chimps — the world's largest privately-funded chimpanzee sanctuary — is offering a unique, feel-good promotion.

For a donation of $75, the Florida sanctuary will affix your ex's name to a heart-shaped piñata and offer the craft to a group of curious chimps. The party-loving primates of Save the Chimps adore piñatas, and — like a group of sugar-charged kindergartners at a birthday party — are guaranteed to shred the decoration/your ex's heart to pieces. As part of your donation, Save the Chimps will send photos of the confetti carnage as proof that their primates held up their end of the deal.

Along with the sweet release of knowing that rescue chimps are avenging you, this piñata has a few other perks. Destroying piñatas is enriching and fun for primates, so your donation will make a lot of chimps truly happy. Additionally, the $75 donation for the piñata goes right towards caring for the more than 230 chimpanzees living at the sanctuary.

This piñata party is all part of the sanctuary's Chimpentine's Day event. Along with offering piñatas for the lovesick, the event also has options for those who are in a relationship. For $25, you can write a Valentine's Day message to a chimp. And for $150, you can treat the animal lover in your life to a virtual tour of the sanctuary and a Q&A with the facility's director.

To learn more about taking part in Chimpentine's Day, visit Save the Chimp's website.

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