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IT does not always pay to be loyal when shopping. Big names may be what you trust but they come with a mark-up.

This week, after a cereal recall, it was found Weetabix produces some “own-brand” offerings. And the firm behind the breakfast favourite is not the only major name making near-exact products for the big supermarkets.  Here is how to get savvy, and saving, with own-brands.

  1. BOWLED OVER: It is good to know Weetabix’s made-for-others products come with cheaper price tags. Weetabix Fruit And Fibre costs £1.29 for a 500g box at Poundstretcher, while Asda’s fruit and fibre costs £1.45 for 750g (19.3p per 100g or 96p for 500g) but the two are virtually identical. SAVING: 33p per 500g.
  2. PAIN RELIEF: Feeling under the weather? You could be paying up to 16 times more for brand-name medicines that do exactly the same as the supermarkets’ own. Shoppers in Asda can buy a 14- tablet pack of Panadol Actifast paracetamol for £2.70 — that’s 19.3p per tablet. But they could buy 16 Asda paracetamol 500mg caplets for just 30p (1.9p a tablet). Both products contain 500mg of paracetamol. SAVING: 17.4p per tablet.
  3. HULA-VA DIFFERENCE: The own-brand version of Hula Hoops at Aldi looks and tastes just like the original — because it is made by the same firm, KP Snacks. So why pay more? Aldi’s sell at 99p for ten 25g bags. Meanwhile, KP’s normally cost around £1.60 for a seven pack of 24g bags. SAVING: 61p –  plus three more BIGGER bags per multi-pack.
  4. LIQUID GOLD: If buying custard, go own-brand at Tesco to make savings. Both Tesco ready-to-serve custard (39p for 400g) and favourite Ambrosia Devon Custard (99p for 400g at Tesco) are made by Premier Foods — but have big price differences. SAVING: 60p.
  • All prices on page correct at time of going to press. Deals/offers subject to availability.

Deal of the day

DEBENHAMS has a fantastic sale on children’s toys right now. Get 20 per cent off Little Tikes’ easy store slide, now £68. Was £85.

SAVE: £17

Cheap treat

STOCK up your fridge at Sainsbury’s where a pack of six Coca-Cola original taste is down to £3 from £3.80, until Tuesday.

SAVE: 80p

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Top swap

BEAUTY fans are raving over Aldi’s £5.99 Lacura pink clay mask. They reckon it is just as good as Sand & Sky’s £39.90 version.

SAVE: £33.91

Reader's saving tip

JUNE PEACOCK, from Bradford, says: “Use washing-up liquid and a bit of sugar to get oil and grease off your hands – it’s a lot cheaper than buying things like Swarfega.”

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