Shoppers praise makeup palette that stops hand from being stained

Beauty fans go wild for ‘ingenious’ £12 make-up palette that stops hands getting stained with foundation – and one is snapped up every 20 minutes

  • Makeupbox LDN’s Makeup Hand Palette easily slips onto the back of users hand
  • Acrylic tool allows perfect foundation or lipstick shade to be mixed without mess
  • Beauty fans have praised the product for keeping their hands free from stains

Applying make-up can be a messy business, no matter how skilled you are with brushes, but now an ‘ingenious’ device promises to put an end to foundation-stained hands for good.  

Shoppers are going wild for Makeupbox LDN’s £12 Makeup Hand Palette, which sells every 20 minutes, and has taken the beauty world by storm after more than 6,000 people signed up to a pre-launch waiting list.

Made from acrylic, the tool is the ideal palette for mixing and transferring beauty products hygienically, preventing cross contamination and unwanted stains.

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Shoppers have praised ‘ingenious’ new tool, pictured, from Makeupbox LDN which stops the back of your hand from getting dirty when mixing foundations or products

The £12 Makeup Hand Palette, pictured, easily slips onto the users hand and can be used for products including oils, serums and self-tanning lotions

It is designed to slip easily and comfortably onto the hand, and allow the user a space to create bespoke colours and formulas customised to your skin tone. 

Products including foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, oils, serums, self-tanning products can be used on the small preparation space.  

One happy shopper said: ‘I get so tan in the summer then so pale in the winter so this is useful for mixing my foundations to get the right shade.’

While another added called it ‘ingenious’ and said that it was ‘one of the greatest tools I have.’

Several happy shoppers praised the tool, pictured, and said it has changed the way they went about doing their makeup

Others said they loved using the Makeup Hand Palette, pictured, because it stopped the back of their hand from getting dirty and covered in foundation

Someone else even said the acrylic tool had changed the way they went about doing their makeup.

They wrote: ‘I LOVE this tool. It has completely changed the way I look at my makeup, I can mix my foundations together to get the right shade – with no mess!’ 

While others praised the product and said it was: ‘Really nice instead of using the back of your hand and easy to clean.’ 

Last month makeup fans went wild for a tiny washing machine that could clean their applicators. 

The makeup tool, pictured, originally had a pre-launch waiting list of more than 6,000 people

A video clip of the tiny machine went viral when beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis from North Carolina shared a tutorial of how she used the gadget on Instagram.

The blogger had originally purchased the item for her doll’s house so she could clean her makeup sponges.

Since the video which shows the mini machine, which costs $5 on Amazon, in action was shared thousands of users have inquired about the handy tool. 

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