'sMothered' Cast: The Outrageous Moms and Daughters Who Are the Stars of the New TLC Show

Think you have a close relationship with your mom? Chances are, you’ve got nothing on the mother-daughter pairs from TLC’s new show, sMothered — and that’s probably a good thing.

sMothered follows eight women who have taken the concept of mother-daughter bonding to the extreme. These relationships go way beyond heading to the salon for a mani-pedi or hitting the mall in search of a new outfit. The mom-daughter duos on sMothered do everything together, from dressing in identical outfits to even sharing a bed. Here’s your introduction to the cast.

Dawn and Cher

Fifty-nine-year-old Dawn and her 27-year-old daughter Cher have a lot in common, from their appearance to the fact that they both married Jewish doctors when they were in their early 20s. But when Cher reveals that she’s been keeping a major secret from her mom, it forces Dawn to take another look at her role in her daughter’s life.

If Cher looks familiar to you, that’s likely because this isn’t her first time on TV. She was on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 in 2007 and Exiled in 2008. She’s also an actress who’s had roles in movies like The Amityville Terror.

Sunhe and Angelica

Sunhe, 50, and her daughter Angelica, 30, are so close that they not only share the same bed, they sometimes share the same bathwater. This Las Vegas pair both have significant others, and it’s not unusual for either mom or daughter to tag along on a date.

“We always have an agreement,” Sunhe told the New York Post (which is co-producing the show). “If Angelica didn’t like my dating partner, and vice versa with her, we generally did not stay in that relationship.” And in the show’s preview it looks like Angelica is exercising that power.

Kathy and Christina

Kathy, 59, and Christina, 33, are as close as close can be — they live on the same block in Chicago and eat all their meals together. Kathy also co-parents Christina’s kids. Their ultra-close relationship is causing some tension with Christina’s husband and her in-laws, who sometimes feel that Kathy is too involved in the family’s lives. But Kathy — who once hired a private investigator to follow her daughter — isn’t about to pull back.

“If her car isn’t in the driveway, I’m like, ‘Where did she go that she didn’t tell me? Where is she?’ ” she told the Post. “I know it sounds sick, but it’s the way we live. We’re just so nosy … We have to know everything.”

Sandra and Mariah

Sandara, 44, and Mariah, 20, live in Los Angeles and are BFFs who do everything together. That includes clubbing, dating, and even mother-daughter plastic surgery. But when daughter Mariah pushes her mom to have more fun, Sandra takes things to the extreme. Will her antics start to weird out Mariah’s friends? And how will Mariah respond when her mom gives her lip fillers as a present?

sMothered premieres Sunday, June 9 at 10/9c on TLC.

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