‘sMothered’ mom, daughter: There’s ‘nothing wrong’ with sharing a bath

“SMothered,” TLC’s new reality TV show co-produced by The Post, shines a spotlight on close — maybe too close — mother-daughter relationships.

In a four-part series of exclusive interviews with The Post, the TLC “sMothered” cast — Cathy and Cristina, Sunhe and Angelica, Cher and Dawn, and Sandra and Mariah — spill the dirt on all their daughter-mama drama. The show airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Sunhe and Angelica

Mom Sunhe, 50, and daughter Angelica, 30, live together in Las Vegas. And they’re so close, not even used bath water is off-limits.

After taking a bath, Sunhe explains, she often leaves the tub full for Angelica to hop into.

It’s an an act of “trust,” says Sunhe, a makeup artist.

The two women also routinely sleep in the same bed as her daughter, despite both of them having separate rooms.

But Angelica, who declined to share her profession with The Post, insists there’s nothing weird about their bond.

“People want to find something wrong in a relationship when they don’t understand it,” says Angelica. “But my mom and I are close. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

It stands to reason that they hate to be separated. When Angelica attended college in Virginia, Sunhe relocated to Georgia. There, she drove six hours every two weeks to see her daughter.

“I have always uprooted for Angelica,” says Sunhe.

She’ll also gladly crash date night — with her daughter’s blessing. On “sMothered,” Angelica often brings her mom along on romantic nights out with her boyfriend of two years, Jason.

On-screen, Jason seems exasperated about it. On a rare date sans Sunhe, he pointedly talks about how nice it is to be alone.

But mother and daughter both insist their significant others are fine with their closeness — and if they aren’t, well, good riddance to ’em.

“We always have an agreement,” says Sunhe, whose long-distance fiancé lives in Nebraska. “If Angelica didn’t like my dating partner, and vice versa with her, we generally did not stay in that relationship.”

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