Social media users share incredible photos of objects worn by time

Time marches on! Fascinating snaps show how the years take their toll on objects – from a moss-covered chair to the shadow of an ID photo on its plastic cover

  • Amazing snaps show how time has changed objects we usually take for granted
  • An armchair accepts the outdoors as its new home as moss covers it completely
  • A boat that has been worn down by years of use resembles a painting of an island

As time carries on, many of us barely spot the difference that wear and tear inflicts on the objects around us. 

But these intriguing snaps from across the globe collated by Bored Panda show how time comes to change all things. 

From an armchair covered in moss that now lives forever in the forest to an old carved pumpkin made even more scary by black mould growing from its face, social media users shared some of the best examples.

Elsewhere, the keel of an old boat corroded by waves resembled a painting of an island surrounded by water, while another snap shows the front step of a pub worn away from years of pint-thirsty punters.

This mossy chair that perfectly imitates the art of nature taking over was discovered by a US man who found it in his neighbour’s garden

This lock that’s worn down a brick after years of swinging after being unlocked, has finally created the perfect little home for itself

Despite the pumpkin appearing as though it might have a cuddly little animal inside it’s actually growing black mould—and looks even scarier for it

This American man has left a perfect ghostly imprint of his face on an old plastic sleeve after years of using it to hold his work ID

These handprints are in a sandstone cave in Southern Utah. Some say they were created when the rock was malleable, while others argue they were worn over time

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You’d be forgiven for thinking this image showed a particularly impressive painting of an island surrounded by sea, but in actual fact this old boat needs a good scrub and repair

The lack of wear and tear on the women’s bathroom compared to the men’s at this US engineering university shows the disparity between genders on the course

This Brooklyn hardware store has had its floor beaten over time from customers walking in the same places—and it’s revealed some beautiful ceramic tiles underneath

These biodegradable waste bags that were forgotten about show just how good they are at actually being biodegradable

This UK pub step has been worn from 160 years of people looking for a pint to satisfy their taste buds

An American couple purchased a window cleaning bottle in 1979 and kept refilling it over the years to save on plastic

A US grandmother revealed a pack of cards that had been worn down to fit her hands from years of shuffling the cards to play every night with her husband 

This leaf that had eroded away until only the veins remained shows perfectly the structure it holds inside

This US playground has a reminiscent air of children who once played and pushed their little feet off the rubber while on a see saw

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