Sophie, Countess of Wessex may have used ‘flattering’ tactic to become Queen’s favourite

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is thought to have a close relationship with Queen Elizabeth II. Analysing her speech and body language over the years, an expert suggested how Sophie may have copied her mother-in-law.

Sophie married the Queen’s youngest son at Windsor Castle on June 19, 1999.

Like many royal brides, she soon took on a role as a working member of the Royal Family.

The mother-of-two previously worked in public relations and her professional skills may have helped her adapt to her royal role, body language expert Judi James commented.

She said: “Sophie is a very adept speaker with some interesting fluctuations in style and speech patterns.

“Sophie’s background was in media and she can also deliver a mean corporate speaking style.”

Since becoming a working royal, Sophie has regularly spoken at various events.

During a speech in front of her mother-in-law, she appeared to channel the speaking style of the Queen.

Judi said: “When she made a speech for the Diamond Jubilee Trust, with the Queen standing by her side a couple of paces from the lectern, she used several traits that were reminiscent of the Queen’s own speaking style.

“She mirrored her mother-in-law in a flattering way terms of vocal tone and delivery.”

The Countess of Wessex is often considered to be a close royal ally of the Queen.

Sophie is thought to have won over the Queen with her no-fuss approach to royal life.

The two royals also have similar interests and both appear to enjoy equestrianism.

Sophie may have used similar speech techniques as the Queen when in her presence to impress her, Judi suggested.

“Her voice had a slightly high lilt to it but it lacked variation,” the expert continued.

“This means it was steady, rather than producing higher and lower notes to add emphasis via some rises or falls.

“It was a very simple delivery with no show-boating gesticulation or additions and the air of both warmth and firmness in her understated tone was very similar to the Queen’s signature style.

“Sophie lacks the rather clipped accent of her mother-in-law but her enunciation is similar at times.”

After making her speech, Sophie appeared happy to get the approval of the Queen.

Judi explained: “When she stepped off the podium she walked straight over to the Queen, appearing to glow at what looked like some words of approval from her mother-in-law.”

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