Spill it: What a 19-year-old model and poet drinks in a week

Each week we get people to anonymously tell us about their drinking habits as part of our series, Spill It.

We’re talking to people all over the UK (and abroad) about how much they really drink. Not how much they tell their doctor they drink, or a rough guesstimate – but the unvarnished boozy truth.

This week we’ve got a 19-year-old model and poet from London, who we’ve called Scarlett.


I’m coming back from a retreat in France, where I spent two weeks recovering after my first year university exams.

I have a couple of glasses of red wine on the plane, they’re free so it would be rude not to.

My boyfriend picks my up from the airport and takes me straight to dinner. I’d rather have gone home to change but I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

We share a bottle of wine at the restaurant, then head back to his place. He prefers staying there as it’s a lot bigger than my flat.


I sleep until around 1pm as I need a lot of sleep to recharge – I find that different people need different amounts and I’m just someone who really benefits from 12 hours of sleep.

We’re hosting a dinner party at my boyfriend’s place, so I spend the afternoon preparing the food. I want to be writing but he doesn’t cook so it’s essential that I make the food. I even cook meat for his friends despite being a vegetarian because I love him.

His friends are a lot older – as is he – so I feel like I have to impress them.

I have three glasses of wine over dinner and one glass of champagne to start because I don’t want to be drunk and embarrass him.


My boyfriend has time with his kids today, but they don’t like me to join them as they’re judgemental of the relationship. I head back to my flat.

I haven’t been home for a couple of weeks so it’s not in a great state. I spend the day cleaning it and trying to cleanse the vibe so that it’s a more positive space.

I go to yoga in the evening at a studio near my flat and get an early night.


I want to write but I’m not having any success. I thought the retreat would help clear the stress from exams which stopped me from feeling creative but I still feel blocked.

Unable to get any words down, I walk for a few hours around London just trying to feel connected. I get home feeling a little more inspired and write for an hour.

No alcohol – I am worried that my drinking may be part of the problem.


On Tuesdays I volunteer which always makes me feel better and clearer.

I have a fight with my boyfriend because he won’t come to my flat because apparently it is too small, he doesn’t like the area. I cave and go to him.

He cooks steak (he knows I don’t eat meat but because it’s a recent development he ignores it).I eat the salad and drink some red wine. He wants to have sex but I say no. He asks if it’s because of the steak. I say no but I mean yes.


I wake up early and go to yoga, then come back to the flat. Boyfriend has gone to work and doesn’t realise that I don’t have keys. Most of my stuff is in the flat, including my house keys.

I ask the doorman to let me in and he confuses me for boyfriend’s daughter. I find this extremely funny but I have a feeling that he won’t.

In the evening I meet up with my girlfriends at a vegan restaurant in central London. I don’t drink and feel better for it.


Spent the whole day worrying about going to boyfriend’s work event in the evening. He invited me, but then kept saying how I had to be on ‘best behaviour’.

As a result I am nervous and drink a lot and end up being too drunk. I have four glasses of champagne I think? Boyfriend is not pleased.


Wake up in the spare room at boyfriend’s flat, feeling guilty and knowing that there is going to be an argument. In the end I sneak out before he wakes up and go back to my place. I know that’s pathetic but I can’t face a hangover and an argument.

Scarlett and her boyfriend have since broken up.

Units recommended by the NHS: 14

Units drunk: 24

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