Spoilers: Nic's baby news threatens David and Aaron's marriage in Neighbours

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) are on the way to becoming the great dads we all know they’ll be, and it’s all thanks to a lasagne, a few glasses of vino and the sudden urge to do it in a cup in Neighbours.

But could it cost them their marriage? The baby news they have dreamed of for so long is about to drive a wedge between these two expectant dads.

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is completely distracted by trying to ruin Audrey’s (Zahra Newman) new Erinsborough life as Audrey seems to be getting her feet firmly wedged under the table. For one thing, she’s been getting closer and closer to Toadie and Nic knows that if she allows that relationship to blossom, there’ll be no getting rid of Audrey.

She plies pressure on Audrey, hoping it’ll be enough to make her realise she needs to leave, but it totally backfires on Nic, as Audrey decides the best thing to do is finally come clean instead.

It’s the worst scenario Nic could have imagined and it means she’s forced to confess too, putting her own Erinsborough happiness in jeopardy. She admits the truth to Jane, Chloe, Aaron and David and unsurprisingly, David is particularly disgusted. He regrets not trusting his gut when it came to the baby situation. When Paul (Stefan Dennis) finds out he’s just as horrified as his son and jumps on this new information, trying to get David to put an end to the situation.

But it is all way too late – Nic discovers the insemination worked, she is pregnant with the lads’ baby and there is no going back now. Aaron is beside himself with excitement, he can’t believe it’s actually happening.

David, on the other hand, is on the verge of losing it. Everything he’s been afraid of is coming true. As the pressure of the situation gets to him he snaps and lets rip at Aaron for getting them into this mess, it’s all his fault. Will this turn of events tear the couple apart?

Scenes air from Monday 4th January on Channel 5.

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