Stockpiling mum branded ‘disgusting’ by troll hits back at criticism of hoard

A money-saving mum has hit back at trolls outraged by a video of a huge stockpile of toys, toiletries and food after she was branded "disgusting" on social media.

In the clip, TikTok user Holly Smith @hollyvlogsofficial responded to a furious critic who falsely accused her of stockpiling during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

They wrote: "Absolutely disgusting! Stockpiling during a pandemic!

"People go without because you want to be greedy!"

Holly explained people were getting angry about an old video and said her "stockpile" had since dwindled to nothing during the pandemic.

Speaking in the video, she says: "The video you left this comment on was filmed last year, I have been stockpiling for over seven years.

"I’d like to show you what my stockpile looks like now."

Panning the camera around at empty shelves, she adds: "This is the area where my stockpile was and you might be wondering where it's all gone.

"All the toiletries you saw in this video such as bath bombs and shower gels went to a women's refuge.

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"All the toys went to the Brompton hospital in London because they had a toy appeal and it was the least I could do because they saved my baby’s life last year.

"And all the food went to the Salvation Army to support families over Christmas

"I’m not making this video to say 'look at me I donate to charity' but I get so much hate on a daily basis when people see my stockpile.

"Will I stop stockpiling? No! Because I’m going to do it all over again."

The video has since been watched more than 400,000 times since Holly uploaded it six days ago, on January 18, and she has received an outpouring of support from fans.

One commented: "I know it’s easier said than done but you should just ignore these people, karma will deal with them."

"Not all heroes wear capes be proud and don’t stop," a second said.

Someone else commented; "Ignore them hun you are incredible."

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