Student designs sexy ‘period-proof’ lingerie

Student designs the first range of ‘sexy’ period-pants as an alternative to ‘Bridget Jones styles’ that already exist – and promises they stay leak-proof for 18 months

  • Sian Hickey, 21, created reusable lingerie with leak-proof gussets 
  • Leicester De Montfort student debuted her collection at university fashion show
  • The garments can be washed and worn again for up to 18 months
  • Sian’s project will help Freedom4Girls raise awareness for period poverty

A talented university student has created the world’s first ‘period proof’ sexy lingerie line after researching, testing and designing all the materials herself.

Leicester De Montfort University pupil, Sian Hickey, 21, has created several lingerie garments, which can be washed and worn again without fear of leakage for up to 18 months.

Sian, from Hinkley in Leicestershire, debuted her line with four complete outfits at the university’s Contour Fashion Show in London on June 6.

Although period-proof pants already exist, Sian said she was inspired to design the underwear for her final project, to create a sexy and attractive alternative that she would be happy to wear herself.

Talented student Sian Hickley has created the first pair of sexy period proof underwear to help women feel more attractive and sexy when they are on their period 

The 21-year-old student studying at Leicester’s De Montfort university debuted her lingerie collection at the college’s fashion week on Thursday June 6 

Sian said: ‘Period poverty is something I’m really passionate about, and I was researching ideas for my final project. 

‘But I realised that all the period proof pants that had been done before weren’t that attractive, they looked like Bridget Jones pants.

‘I wanted to try and make a period proof lingerie that I’d be proud to wear, something that makes people feel sexy despite the fact they’re on their period.

‘I’ve done all the research and designs myself, I tried and tested the materials for the leak-proof gussets in the university labs. 

The underwear has a full leak proof gusset, which has been designed to be washable and worn again and again for up to 18 months 

Sian has come across period proof underwear before, which she has likened to Bridget Jones underwear, which is what inspired her to create a four-piece collection that bucks the trend and is a lot sexier 

Sian trialled numerous materials and tested each fabric when she was creating her collection to ensure it would be fully leak proof on the wearer 

‘I even designed and created the lace for the garments myself, using inspiration from the leaves in the stained glass windows at the MET Museum in New York.’

Creative campaigner is using her final project to raise awareness and money for UK charity, Freedom4Girls whose mission is to end period poverty globally and encourage women to tackle their period in more environmentally friendly ways.

Sian said: ‘We’ve nearly eradicated period poverty in the UK with the government agreeing to supply all schools with free sanitary wear but there’s still a huge waste problem.

Sian has already received a first for her collection, although she will have to wait for September to graduate from the course

Sian’s collection includes a bodysuit, with lace detail, satin panels and sheer mesh detail, as well as two piece sets, bralettes and delicate kimono 

The model hits the university catwalk wearing a satin bra and matching knickers, with lace detail, as well as a cover up, which also has lace fitted along the hem 

Sian wanted her creations to be fully functional but she also wanted them to be something she too would happily wear 

‘Even if period waste is disposed of correctly, using bins rather than flushing, plastic wrappers and applicators are not biodegradable and just sit in landfill for centuries. Something needs to change. The reaction has been good. 

‘Once you explain how the underwear works and how they are more comfortable than and just as hygienic as disposable sanitary products, disguised as regular lingerie, people see round the issue of absorbent knickers. People are definitely listening.’

Studying one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion courses in the UK – De Montfort University’s Contour Fashion Course – undergraduate, Sian, will receive her final grade when she graduates in September this year. 

Sian hopes to end period poverty with her innovative designs. When creating the underwear pieces she knew sanitary products, even if disposed of correctly, still end up in landfill, which her items will prevent

Sian shared a close up image of her design. The full leak proof gussett is made of black material, with a white hem, and nude mesh insert to include an element of femininity

Sian used the labs on her university campus to test the absorbency of her designs ahead of the final showcase last week 

The undergraduate has insisted the knickers are more comfortable and equally as hygienic as disposable sanitary products, but are better for the eco system

But Sian, who has achieved ‘a first’ with her line regardless, said she couldn’t have done it without the support of her university tutors.

With a bright future ahead, Sian is set to fly off to Stockholm to study a six month internship with global fashion giant H&M, after she finishes her degree.

She said: ‘It’s been really hard at times, I’ve questioned myself and thought why have I chosen this as my final project. But the tutors at the uni have been amazing. 

Sian wanted to create a lingerie line that made the wearer feel ‘sexy and attractive’ when they are on their time of the month 

A separate model showcased another unique design, as she wore high rise knickers with panel detailing and lace detail on the sides, as well as a bra that with a neck tie

Sian has revealed the reaction to her line has been ‘good’, although she has admitted people were hesitant about them at first 

Sian has landed herself a six month internship with H&M following the success of her period proof underwear range, which will see her jet to Stockholm after she graduates 

Sian beamed with joy at the final fashion show, as she clapped while walking along the catwalk at the end of the showcase 

‘As soon as I told them I wanted to do a period proof underwear line they were right behind me, and they have really pushed me to get it right.

‘I feel so lucky to have been chosen to display my work on the Contour Fashion Show Catwalk too. 

‘It has some of the biggest names in the industry there and it’s rare that such a technical project gets chosen over the more creative ones.’

To donate to Sian’s fundraiser for Freedom4Girls go to her Go Fund Me page.   

Sian experimented with different materials and combinations to ensure her period proof underwear lived up to the name and did not let any leakages show through 

The budding designer revealed people were sceptical about how absorbent and hygienic her designs would be, but she has since won the naysayers over

Sian designed the lace herself, and drew on inspiration from the leaves in the stained glass window at the MET Museum in New York 

Sian had her work on display at the Contour Fashion Show Catwalk too, which surprised her because technical pieces are not always as successful as the creative garments

Sian has admitted bringing her vision to life was not entirely smooth sailing, and at times during her course she questioned why she came up with such a difficult creation

Sian’s inspiration behind the lace on her underwear pieces came from the foliage in the stained glass windows at New York’s MET Museum 

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