Sunny Hostin Says Meghan McCain's Replacement Can't be Someone Who 'Spreads Misinformation'

She also addressed those toxic workplace claims.

Meghan McCain’s replacement on “The View” can’t be someone who “spreads misinformation,” her former colleague Sunny Hostin has declared.

The co-host said that the show does need a right leaning commentator… but not too far right.

“Right now, we still do need a really conservative voice,” she told The Cut. “I also believe it’s really important to not have someone on the panel who spreads misinformation, who adheres to the big lies, who is an anti-vaxxer, because I think that’s dangerous.”

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The remaining hosts, she insisted, are not set to gang up on the Republican newcomer, whoever she may be; while Joy Behar is “very progressive”, Whoopi Goldberg is less so, while Hostin describes herself as somewhere between “progressive values and conservative values”.

And as for Sara Haines? “Sara says she’s an independent, but statistically there have been studies that show that independent people are just people that don’t want to be stigmatized by their own choices,” Hostin said.

“Is she really an independent or just somebody that won’t commit? We need someone that will commit and we don’t have that voice. And we need someone that’s not duplicative of anyone else on the panel.”

Hostin also addressed McCain’s fiery exit, ignited by claims in her memoir “Bad Republican” her former workplace fostered a toxic environment.

“I think she thinks that people did not like her or treated her a certain way because of her opinions,” Hostin said.

“I certainly don’t share any of her opinions … at all … about anything … but I don’t feel that way about her. I can’t claim to understand her because I think she’s very complicated. Her experience is her experience. No one can say that she didn’t experience it in that way because it’s hers.”

“I didn’t see it that way. I didn’t experience it the way she did. But I’m going to defer to her that she experienced it like that.”

While Meghan’s experience on the show didn’t match Sunny’s, her entrance certainly didn’t either, Hostin claimed.

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“Meghan came in with a crew. She came in with a PR person, hair and makeup and with a stylist. I was like, ‘Huh?'” she recalled.

“I came in and was banished to the third floor, no introduction, I didn’t have anything. It was very different for me.”

And while her host experience hasn’t been as bad as McCain claims hers to be, Hostin did have complaints about “The View” — including being “told told that I could not be an opinion host and also be a legal journalist.”

“I disagree with that,” she said. “I think I can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

“I was really angry about that,” she added, before correcting to “disappointed”: “Let me use a different term, because then I’m the Angry Black Woman.”

She also criticized the handling of the infamous September 24 episode, in which her false-positive Covid test and immediate evacuation were played out on air — minutes before Vice-President Kamala Harris was due to walk on set.

“My first thought was, That’s not even possible. I’m triple-vaccinated! I had received the booster a couple weeks before,” she recalled.

While she was “thrilled” she eventually tested negative, the incident itself left her “disappointed. And I was a little angry about it.”

“I think it’s being investigated,” she added. “I don’t think anyone knows yet. At least I don’t know.”

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