Surgeon warns ‘deadly’ Brazilian Butt Lifts are ‘fastest growing cosmetic trend’

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An internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon has spoken out against the growing popularity of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) treatments – and he claims they can be “deadly”.

According to Healthline, BBL’s are: “a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the transfer of fat to help create more fullness in your backside.”

Usually, fat is extracted from another part of the body – like the stomach and thighs – and re-injected into the buttocks.

Instagram stars and celebrities like the Kardashians have slowly but surely increased the number of women looking to plump up their bums and make their curves more dramatic.

But, Dr Riccardo Frati, of Frati Cosmetic Surgery, wants people to realise that the procedure comes with some extreme risks.

He explained: “BBL is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedure in the world! They are particularly popular among Gen Z and Millennials, and I think this is mainly due to social media.

“I think it’s just a reflection of trends and popular culture. Traditionally, buttocks augmentation used to be done with silicone implants but nowadays BBLs achieve a rounder, more curvaceous buttocks."

He continued: “One of the most attractive qualities of a BBL procedure is that it involves moving ‘unwanted’ fat from one part of the body and placing it into/under the (skin of) buttocks.

“Another reason is the increase in conversations surrounding cosmetic surgery which has led to a general destigmatisation of such procedures.”

However, despite appearing to be less invasive, Dr Riccardo warns that BBLs can be extremely dangerous.

He told the Daily Star: “BBL procedures have a high mortality rate (1:3,000) due to a few factors. A fat embolism (fat lodging within a blood vessel which causes a blockage of blood flow) is the leading cause of death in cosmetic surgery.

“Complications include fat necrosis, cellulitis, contour deformity and sometimes, tragically – even death.”

Such was the case when Leah Cambridge, at the time 29, from Leeds, attended a hospital in Turkey for a £3,000 butt-lift in 2018.

Unfortunately, the young woman died following complications during the surgery which lead to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons to ban the procedure in the UK.

He added: “Many people travel to other countries procedure too where it is often carried out by inadequately qualified surgeons working in facilities that aren’t suited for surgery, especially one as complex as this.

Sadly, this hasn’t stopped British women – and some men – from seeking out the booty-plumping surgery which usually costs around £8,000.

Dr Riccardo said: “In the UK the procedure has been banned by the BAAPS due to high mortality rate.

“But, many people travel to other countries procedure too where it is often carried out by inadequately qualified surgeons working in facilities that aren’t suited for surgery, especially one as complex as this.”

And, it’s not just medicinal professionals who want Brits to consider the risks of BBL surgery before getting it done.

Stars who have had a BBL have spoken up about botched results, unrealistic expectations and complications.

Ex on the Beach star Natalee Harris warned women about the “killer” procedure after having two herself.

Natalee, 30, said: "Sometimes I wish I'd never started having surgery. I definitely regret starting so young. I felt pressured into it by social media.

"Having work done is really addictive. It becomes a really unhealthy obsession and you just end up wanting more and more. It is fashion these days.”

She had a BBL in Turkey and said: "The whole experience was horrific. The surgeon barely asked me any questions or spoke English. When I came round they didn't give me a bodysuit which I should wear or anything.

"My bed was soaking because I was leaking from my wounds, but they basically sent me back to the hotel the next day with paracetamol. I was crying my eyes out and in so much pain.”

Natalee’s butt began to look misshapen after flying home and she had to go through even more surgery to correct the botched procedure.

And, she’s not the only person to have had a BBL gone wrong.

YouTuber, Sophie Elise, 24, regretted opting for surgery in Turkey when she was 19.

The YouTuber, from Oslo, Norway, may have paid around £2,700 for the buttocks lift, but was disappointed by the results.

She thinks her butt looks “unnatural” after her BBL.

Writing on her blog, the Norwegian said: "I’m tired of having a** which doesn’t look natural.

"I didn't think about consistency and what I'd want to look like at 50-years-old.

"Now that I'm older, I think in a completely different way and the choices I make, whether physical or mental, should be ones I can live with forever."

And, OnlyFans model Shilpa Sethi says fake reviews convinced her to spend £8,200 on a disastrous butt-lift that took £49,000 to fix.

The model went to Miami for an XXL Brazilian Butt Lift, but she was unable to sit down for a whopping six months afterwards.

“I have always admired a curvy body and I was very flat at first,'" Shilpa said. “I chose my doctor based on what I later discovered to be fake reviews.

“That first surgery was botched, and I had complications immediately after the procedure.”

She told the Daily Mail that as soon as the painkillers wore off she experienced sharp pains in her legs, as well as breathing difficulties.

Her results were lopsides and Shilpa was left in “lasting pain”.

It took another £49,000 to put the damage right.

Instead of invasive surgery, Dr Riccardo recommends trying exercise to boost the size of your booty.

He explained: “The right combination of exercises can lift your butt, give the butt a fuller look while slimming and toning the rest of your body.

“Glute activation and isolation is the best route towards a more lifted and bigger bottom.

“There are also non-surgical options which include radio frequency such as in Mode Forma plus which can tighten the skin and give more firmness and definition.”

While these options will take much longer than a BBL, they won’t put your life in danger – and exercise will make you tone up all over!

Would you ever risk getting a BBL? Tell us in the comments…

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