Susanna Reid parenting: GMB host and Piers Morgan co-star on raising three sons

Susanna Reid admits Piers Morgan is ‘still annoying’

Susanna Reid, 50, is a co-host with Piers Morgan, 55, on Good Morning Britain. As well as being a small screen star, Susanna is the mother of three children.

She is a journalist and television presenter who has worked in the industry for many years.

Between 2003 and 2014, she was a main presenter on the news show BBC Breakfast.

After leaving, Susanna joined the team on Good Morning Britain and is the lead presenter alongside Piers Morgan.

While working as a reporter at BBC News 24, Susanna got her first break on TV.

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She was a stand-in presenter on the show and it soon turned into a permanent gig.

At the time, the GMB favourite was pregnant with her first child.

Susanna has three children who she shares with her ex-partner Dominic Cotton, who she was married to from 1998 to 2014.

She is the mother of three boys, Sam, 18, Finn, 16, and Jack, 15.

As her children get older, Susanna has opened up briefly about her experiences with them.

The GMB star opened up on being a parent after her eldest son moved away from home.

“It is now you realise that all the time you had together when they were little has gone,” she told Daily Mail.

“The thing I found even more emotional was realising he’s on a string of three.

“He goes, the next one goes, then the next one. This is the start of three or four years with all my ducklings leaving, then there’s going to be an empty nest. I find that really hard.”

When speaking about her children, the broadcaster reflected on feeling “guilt” as a working mum.

Susanna added: “There are moments when you think, ‘Why was I not present when they were tiny?’

“I was around a lot for them, but sometimes you can regret you weren’t there playing with them every single moment of every single day. You have that kind of guilt.”

As a journalist working on breakfast television, Susanna is sure to have had some unique working hours.

However, she has previously explained she was used to early wake up calls from having children.

“I suppose you never really get into the rhythm of anything,” she told The Guardian in 2017.

“And then when I went off to have my children, your children are your clock. And children need you any time within that 24-hour period.

“So actually, when I went to BBC Breakfast as a presenter, it was like, all right, I’ll set my alarm clock for four now. That’s fine.”

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