Teacher spills on the most ‘unfortunate’ kid’s name she has ever heard

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The most "unfortunate" children's name has been revealed by a substitute teacher who said she was left baffled by the spelling of the moniker of a girl in her class.

In a video, uploaded on TikTok by user @kboyce614, the teacher explains how the parents' choice of baby name was so bizarre she had to ring up her sister and tell her about it.

"It was spelled A–a," she reveals, adding that "it's a point of pride in me that I pronounce kids' names correctly" and normally she has no trouble guessing the right way.

Unfortunately, this time she had no idea and hazarded a guess that it was pronounced "Ay–ya".

The kid was quick to correct her and said: "It's Adasha."

Basically, the parents decided that the punctuation was part of the name and presumably the little girl never had to worry about someone having the same name on the register.

The video was watched millions of times on the video-sharing app, with 3 million people "liking" it and thousands leaving comments debating about whether or not they liked the interesting baby name.

One person wrote: "OK I’m going to need a dash of whatever the hell their momma was taking when she named their kid A–a."

"I can’t tell if this is lazy or creative," said another.

A third viewer commented: "This is nutty. I also saw that girl’s video about the kid being named ‘HIJKMNOP’ and it was pruned ‘Noel’ as in 'No L.'"

"It ain't even a dash it's a hyphen," argued someone else.

This comes after a mum picked out a cute name for her baby girl – but then worried it was "too sexy" or like a "Playboy bunny" name.

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