Teenagers in tears after arriving at prom to discover posh venue has cancelled

Teens arriving at a plush prom were devastated to find the event had been cancelled without warning.

The frocked up and suited young revellers instead were sent on a bus to a church hall.

Around 150 pupils from a school arrived at Mar Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa Resort in Bishopton, Scotland, on Thursday expecting a night to remember.

But instead the St Peter the Apostle High School pupils were told the high-end venue had an ongoing power cut and would have to cancel the event

Suited and booted, the teens were driven back to Clydebank where they were given a disco in St Stephen’s Catholic Church instead, the Daily Record reports.

Mum Dianne O’Donohue, whose daughter Louise was left in tears over the prom cancellation, said: “I’m absolutely gutted for them.

“I dropped my daughter off at 5.30pm and she was all dressed up looking forward to celebrating her prom and having a nice meal and night with her friends.

“Instead the kids got off the bus and were told there was a power cut and the event would have to be cancelled.

“It’s disgraceful. Mar Hall knew about the power cut from 1pm but didn’t tell the kids till they arrived.

“My daughter was crying on the phone to me. There had been no meal, nothing.

“It’s such a big deal to them and they were really looking forward to a special night”.

Parents received a text from the school just after 8.30pm telling them that the event at Mar Hall was cancelled.

Furious parents slammed the move after shelling out hundreds of pounds in preparation for the prom night.

Dianne said:“I paid £60 for my daughter Louise to have a nice evening and a meal.

“My daughter’s dress was £345, her shoes were £100, her jewellery was £250, she spent £70 at the hairdressers. Plus tan, nails and makeup.

“This was organised months in advance and they were looking forward to it.

“I didn’t pay nearly £1,000 for her to go to a Church hall for a disco. They have been so let down. I’m furious.”

Disappointed school goers and parents vented their frustrations on social media.

Fiona Smith tweeted to the venue: “200 very disappointed young people, teachers and families tonight. Cancelling a Prom.

Surely you have generators. It’s all very well rearranging but you have ruined the most important night in their young lives. What are you going to do to resolve this.”

Laura McEvoy added: “what would happen if a power cut at a wedding?? Am sure you would have had other alternatives. But because it just a kids prom they all just get sent home??? U wouldn’t do that to wedding guests would u??”

Mar Hall Hotel have been contacted for comment.

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