The most popular baby names that are inspired by cities – and some are so beautiful

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During the many months of lockdown lots of us have been pining for travel. To arrive at an airport and jump on a plane to uncover the secrets of foreign cities.

However, instead we have been bound to our bedrooms, or living rooms, with the occasional exotic trip to the kitchen fridge.

This lust for travel that we’ve no doubt developed could instead manifest itself in other ways, for instance spearheading a rise in new parents naming their kids after the places they covet.

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Although it is too early to assess whether this has become more of a trend, what we do know is that there are many gorgeous names out there that are inspired by cities.

So if you are set to choose a baby name why not also satisfy your wanderlust in the process?

Online retailer GiftsOnline4U have done some research to find out which baby names pertaining to capital cities are the most popular.

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Using the Office for National Statistics's data of names in England and Wales between 1996 and 2018 they have found some answers.

Although there are 195 capital cities in the world only 19 of them have been used as baby names during this period.

The most popular 10 names were:

  • Vienna – girls
  • Cairo – gender neutral
  • Rome – gender neutral
  • Havana – girls
  • Kingston – boys
  • London – gender neutral
  • Riyadh – boys
  • Amman – boys
  • Asmara – girls
  • Lima – girls

The study found that some of these names grew in popularity in accordance with certain world events.

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For instance there was a spike in the name London from 2012-2013 which correlates with the Olympic Games.

In those two years 59 children were given the name, 41 of which were female.

However other names that were very popular but we now see as ordinary are:

  • Sofia – The capital of Bulgaria
  • Victoria – The capital of British Columbia in Canada and the capital of the Seychelles
  • Paris – The well-known capital of France
  • Santiago – The capital of Chile in South America

What is your favourite city and would that be a suitable name for your kid?

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